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Amare Stoudemire Trade Contest

Life is always more interesting when you have skin in the game. With the Amare trade rumor-mill firing up and in full force lets make this thing more interesting with a contest!

I happen to have a signed Amare Stoudemire Team USA Jersey that I've been saving for just the right situation. This is it.

The contest is this: Predict the Amare trade before it happens and win the jersey.

To enter you need to email your trade prediction and include the following:

  1. The team Amare ends up on
  2. The players moved to the Suns and players moved from Suns (if more than just Amare)
  3. Number and types of draft picks in the deal (if any)
  4. Your (real) name and contact info
  5. email entries to brightsideofthesun AT
  7. If more than one people guess the same deal, the winner will be the first entry received
  8. Entries accepted until trade happens (or is very close to happening)

Here's the jersey - sorry for the bad pictures



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