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Daily Poll: Just How Bad Are the Phoenix Suns?

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The details are gruesome. 12 - 17 since losing to Mike D'Antoni's Knicks on December 1st (oh, irony). 8 times the Suns have blown double digit leads in January. When they are rebounding well they can't shoot. When they are shooting well they can't rebound. Fix the turnover problem and the transition D is horrible.

It's been that kind of season where inconsistency is the new black.

There's no more hoping that this is a temporary slump. The good ole days of shooting the ball well, playing just in time defense and working hard on the glass for 48 minutes are gone. Gone!

As we work our fingers to the bone trying to turn the Trade Machine into our savior, the question remains - just how bad is this team?

The offense is still the best in the league but one suspects those statistics are based more on inertia then recent performance. The defense that was already below average is now second to dead last. The chemistry is by no means gone but you can't keep losing like this and not have it get to you. Add in trade rumors and you've got a team that has to be looking in the mirror wondering what it all means.

What do you think it means?

Coolest Links of the Day

and this is VERY GOOD ADVISE

  • Don\'t Trust Every Rumor You Hear - Eric Freeman - The Baseline - Sporting News
    This rumor is an important reminder that at least half of the rumors you'll hear before the trade deadline are unchecked junk, the sort of speculation that gets drummed up when people have too much time to kill. Peter Vecsey and Sam Smith are the most high-profile offenders, but the problem runs deep. So tread lightly, don't believe anything if it's not reported by at least two reporters, and only trust those who've proven they should be trusted. Otherwise, you'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off, unsure why your team is ready to deal a promising youngster for new socks.

which reminds me I wrote this last year...

and here's a little breaking news about the Phoenix Mercury. The Lakers won the title and were able to just keep spending to keep their team together. Doesn't work that way in the WNBA....

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