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Game Thread: Suns vs Bobcats

Final - 1.26.2010 1 2 3 4 OT 1 Total
Charlotte Bobcats 26 22 29 21 16 114
Phoenix Suns 33 21 29 15 11 109

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Coaches Notes:

  • I was looking forward to hearing what Larry Brown had to say but he did his pre-game avail 2 hrs before tip and I didn't make it here in time
  • Gentry was in rare form. Meaning he was upbeat and firing off the one-liners like this:
  • Mark McClune from Fox Sports asked Gentry about Amare's face being on TVs everywhere. Gentry snapped back, "So it Tiger's"
  • Gentry went on to say the team can only worry about what it can control. yadda yadda
  • Then he was asked about Nash having 5 fouls last night and what's the fall back plan as the 3rd PG. Gentry said, "We'd make Robin the point guard"
  • As for last night, he obviously pointed out the 12-0 run the Jazz made at the end of the 3rd. He blames the Suns defense for the loss saying you can't put that much pressure on the offense to score. He said he would go with more defensive line-ups in the future (sound familiar)
  • He did say this about the offense vs defense thing, "We've tried it the other way and it hasn't worked" so perhaps we will finally see more of a defensive focus at least in the line-ups. No one can make Nash be able to defend Derron Williams
  • With Grant Hill out tonight (sore heel) Dudley will start. Clark should play but Lou might also get minutes at the 3 again as he did against the Warriors
  • Hill is day-to-day and should be fine for Thursday's TNT game. Gentry called Hill the line-backer in the Suns defense telling everyone where to go, etc. Without him everyone else will just have to communicate better, especially in the zone
  • Speaking of the zone D, Gentry said again that you can't run it too long and that Utah has one of the best anti-zone offenses with how they flash and cut and pass the ball. And yet, the Suns stayed in the zone too long which tells you that Gentry didn't have a choice b/c his team can't play man to man D
  • Gentry has no idea why the Suns are so bad on the road right now

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