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Game Thread: Sun vs TNT Curse (and their pal the Mavs)

Final - 1.28.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Dallas Mavericks 34 25 31 16 106
Phoenix Suns 25 30 29 28 112

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Coaches Notes:

  • Gentry called Dirk the toughest match-up in the league. He had previously called Kobe and LeBron the toughest match-ups. Hill will start on Dirk with Amare on Marion
  • Key to Dirk is good team D b/c he will drive if you crowd him and it is really important not to bite on his pump fakes and keep him off the line
  • Asked about JRich struggles Coach said he just needs to keep playing through it. Nothing specific as to why. Suns might try and post up Jason on Terry or Kidd but it doesn't sound like they will go to it too often
  • Asked if the team was tired after playing a lot of games in short period of time (6 games/8 nights) Gentry said maybe but that it was more mental than physical. One good win could turn it around
  • Suns still looking at the big picture with the goal of making the playoffs. Gentry expects ranking to go back and forth the rest of the season
  • Gentry said at least in the West all the guys he voted for made it. Only bubble players were Kaman and Billups but Pau Gasol means too much to his team and there's too many great guards in the West so someone had to be left off
  • Gentry said again that he wished he didn't have to play the zone at all and wants to limit it to just a few possessions but he feels Suns are forced into playing it
  • I asked what was forcing him besides protecting players that have fouls and he said, "You wish I would answer that question". He went on to say they will stay out of the zone if the man to man is going good

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