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Daily Links: Karma is such a....

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(I didn't want to put "bitch" in the headline even though "bitch" has become a fairly frequently used word on broadcast TV. No offense to all you bitches out there - you know who you are)

In my mind the Kings only have Tom Ziller at Sactown Royalty to blame for this loss. I have no problem predicting your team will win. Heck, the Kings certainly played well enough to win in the 2nd half and had every reason to be confident coming into the game. But you simply can't do this and not expect to pay a price:

Preview: Suns at Kings - Sactown Royalty

So King's fans. You know who to blame.

As for Suns fans you might want to focus your attention on Mr. Jon Brockman aka The Brockness Monster. Over the years the Suns have struggled against these big physical paint guys. Bass. Milsap. Maxielle. Gortat. Shaq. They just seem to give the Suns trouble because they are big and physical and they rebound the ball and play defense.

It's not like the Suns don't have a couple of guys like that - Lou and Robin - but when you bow at the alter of offense these are the sacrificial lambs.

So while the Kings only played their starting Center Spencer Hawes for less than 4 minutes in the second half in favor of Brockness, the Suns would really never consider sitting Amare or Channing in favor of a defensive guy that can't really score.

That my friends is Phoenix Suns basketball. You love it when everyone is hitting shots and racking up points so you can't hate it when you are getting pushed around like rag dolls in the paint. You can't have your points and eat your cake too.

  • blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - Suns' game-day orange slices
    The Suns need Leandro Barbosa to get out of this funk. They missed him when he was hurt and they miss him still. His playing time has been reduced but Alvin Gentry gave him a chance to get into the game earlier in both halves Tuesday night at Sacramento and he hurt them both times. He made three of the turnovers when the bench crew coughed it up on six consecutive trips in the second quarter. He got a steal and gave it back in the backcourt. He got stripped again by Donte Greene on the next trip. Moments later, he began driving and kicked it out with Andres Nocioni right in the path for an easy Kings layup. In his second stint, he could not make a shot.
  • The View from Section 113 - Brock Ness Monster Night - Sactown Royalty
    Brockman was a beast on the offensive boards tonight as well, but the one bad thing about that was that I think he turned the ball over on 3 of his offensive rebounds. He would get the ball, try to dribble or pass out and get the ball stolen which would lead to a fast break point for Phoenix. Friends who went to the game with me and sat near the bench told me that they heard Westphal yelling at him "We work to hard for the ball to give it away like that". And I agree.
  • Suns end 7-game road skid, hang on to beat Kings
    Sacramento rookie Jon Brockman, a second-round pick, denied Stoudemire's roll opportunities on defense and beat him repeatedly to the boards, where Stoudemire had seven in the first half and none in the second half until there was 2:09 to go. "He was just more going after the boards," Stoudemire said. "He did a great job out there of being physical out there. For the most part, we didn't really expose him. He's a great player but he's definitely foul-prone. We didn't quite go at him the way we could have."
  • Cowbell - A Sacramento Kings Blog
    The Kings can blame their first half effort for this loss. The Kings trailed by as many as 20 when Steve Nash found Amare Stoudemire for another easy bucket with 2:46 left in the first 24 minutes. Then the Kings’ rookies decided to step up the energy and come out to give the Suns a game. Omri, Brockman and Tyreke helped charge a 9-3 run to end the first half that proved to be much more significant than the numbers indicate.
  • Suns 113, Kings 109 -- Suns snap road skid| Valley of the Suns
    No one said it would be easy, but the Suns captured their first road win since Nov. 29 tonight as they gutted out a win in Sacramento, holding off the Kings 113-109.
  • Phoenix Suns Survive Rally by Sacramento Kings; Up Next: Houston Rockets - Phoenix News - Valley Fever
    The third quarter definitely was not pretty, with the Suns going ice-cold and the Kings building confidence and steam with each missed Suns field-goal attempt. When the score was tied 88-88, the Suns snapped out of their doldrums.

This is an interesting quote from the newest Mega-Superstar Rookie (remember when that scrub Derrick Rose was considered good?)...He's basically calling out his teammates. That's takes a lot of balls. More than two I am going to say.

SUNS: Postgame Quotes: Suns @ Sacramento - 01/05/2010
Tyreke Evans (On Steve Nash) "He played like a veteran. He is out there and he is moving his feet every time we came off the pick and roll. It’s hard to stick him when you are coming off the pick and roll. I just thought we should have done a better job on the big men that came out. It would’ve given us a better chance to get out. We did it a little bit at the end. I think I got a couple of blocks, but it was still tough at the end with the big guys."


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Steve Kerr on Sports 620 KTAR this morning



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