Ok lets talk trades just 1 but I think its good

Ok so the suns are looking for more out of the shooting guard position. JRich is just to streaky im mean there are what 7-2 when he scores 20 plus problem is he has only done that 9 out of 32 games So i have a trade for you guys and NO its not for mcgrady and no barbosa isn't involved.

Phx- trades JRich and E Clark plus the second rounder

Wash- Gilbert Arenas and a top 3 protected pic

With the gun thing you know washington is going to be in no position to agrue with any trades. And you no phx would like to have a solid scorer and assist man to be more active on the offensive end plus he can all so defend better then RIchardson. Dudley gets more time as does barbasa and dragic.

The salaries are close jrich is 13.3 and clark is 1.7 arenas is 16.2 given 10 percent and there you go plus you a get first rounder next season. Plus he played at UofA were kerr played not to mention frye.