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Game Thread: Suns vs Heat

Final - 1.8.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Miami Heat 27 32 22 28 109
Phoenix Suns 33 20 23 29 105

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Coaches Notes / Suns Legal Troubles:

  • In person Coach Spoelstra looks even younger. Like young enough that he must get carded a couple of times a month (assuming he drinks)
  • Rafer Alston is active and will likely play but Spoeltra didn't know which of his three PG's would be starting. That was 105 minutes before tip (earliest pre-game coaches media avail I've seen)
  • The Heat will try to contain Steve Nash who Spoelstra said was playing better than his MVP years and basically said walks on water
  • Coach Gentry will try and contain D Wade who basically he said walks on water
  • Gentry said the Suns haven't had any problems so he doesn't see any need to change the rules regarding card playing on the team plane
  • Taylor Griffin enjoys playing in the D-league so he Gentry talked about how good the Iowa Energy coaching staff is
  • The Suns have considered sending Earl Clark to the Energy and they still might at some point in the season. Right now they think he benefits from practice time with the Suns
  • Gentry said Earl is going to be a good player down the road. Right now he's just stuck behind Hill, Dudley and sometimes JRich at the three. Gentry only mentioned small forwards when talking about Earl's place in the rotation
  • Goran Dragic had agreed to come on Bright Side of the Suns for a live chat. We had agreed on tomorrow after practice. I changed my mind b/c I didn't get a chance to promote it and I decided a week day would be better. I went to tell Goran that in the locker room pregame but...,
  • Goran isn't going to be at practice tomorrow. He has to go to traffic school. He got a photo ticket for what he said was rolling through a red light last season. The ticket was mailed while he was in Europe and so he never knew about it and his license got suspended. Don't worry, his girlfriend is driving him around...
  • This is what passes for legal trouble with this Suns team
  • Goran in the locker room was walking kind of stiff. He said he was fine when I asked him about it but to me his gait looked strained
  • Goran was up and Amare asked him to grab a Gatorade from the fridge. Goran tossed it across the room to Amare. Amare caught it with one hand. Of course. It was Rain flavored just to fill in that detail of the story (where else do you get that kind of info on your team?)

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