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Sharing Your (Suns Related) Facebook Photos

The other day we asked you to share your Suns related photos (or just pictures of your pets) on the Bright Side of the Sun Facebook page.

You did and here's some of the best.

We will do this throughout the season so please do post your pictures from the game, from after the game at the bar, from the bathroom at the bar where you've passed out and any spy shots you might have of Scott Howard (I'm not convinced he's a real person).


This photo is from Jennifer who says, "This was the greatest day of my life. I WAS 3 FEET AWAY FROM GORAN DRAGIC!"

I understand, Jennifer, since I spend a lot of time just feet from Goran and can confirm that the experience is in fact magical.


This picture was posted by Brigit, one of the three lovely ladies shown giving hugs to a bearded Suns fan which just goes to show that chicks dig the beard (and Suns fans).


This game photo was taken by Trisha at the Suns - Warriors game which, as she put is, "The last game I saw Amare destroy someone (ahem...Tolliver) with a dunk."

These next two photos are of a couple of our regular contributors.


A grainy photo that claims to depict a big, hairy Suns fan ... and the Gorilla. This is Eutychus (aka Leiland)


And here's our mystery fan. 10 internet points if you can guess who this is. Hint: He's dreaming about Lou and he's a not-so-loyal subject of The Queen (and probably a huge fan of the band Queen)

Thanks everyone, and don't forget to Like us on Facebook. We Like you so it's only fair ... and keep posting those pictures!

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