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GameThread: Utah At Phoenix, Oct 12 (Preseason Game 4)

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Here's the game previews

Game Preview, Preseason Game #4: Suns Host Utah, 7PM AZ Time - Bright Side Of The Sun

Hedo is still trying to fit in, as are Warrick and Childress. And Hill, Nash et al are already playing the "its going to take us a long time to gel" card. Apparently, what appears to be schoolyard bball with no plays and the PG magically creating every shot attempt off his own dribble is something a lot more complicated than that.

Phoenix Suns Preseason Home Opener Tonight, Jazz Time At 7 P.M. AZ - SB Nation Arizona

Gentry says we can expect the Suns starters to play in the low- to mid-20 minute range. The Suns face the Jazz again on Wednesday in Utah and then on October 28 in the second game of the regular season. Three times in two weeks is a lot of Jazz for Gentry. "They beat you up pretty good so there's no reason to get all beaten up in the preseason. I'll limit Steve (Nash) and some of the other guys' minutes some what and be able to take a look at some of these other guys in those situations," Gentry said after this morning's shoot around.

NBA Preseason Game #3 Preview: @ Phoenix Suns - SLC Dunk

Take a look at Utah bloggers' take on the game tonight.

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