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Snap Poll: How Good Can The Suns Be Defensively?

Last year the Suns ranked 19th in defensive efficiency (111.4) and tied for 11th in field goal percentage allowed (45.2).

That's slightly around average but considering they spent the better part of the season in the mid-20's in points per 100 allowed, it also represents a sharp increase at the end of the season.

This year, without Amare to score at will and get to the line, Alvin Gentry is telling his team that they have to be a GREAT defensive team to do well.

Here's that story.

Phoenix Suns Plan On Disruption To Be A GREAT Defensive Team - SB Nation Arizona
"For us to be a good team, we're going to have to be a great defensive team."

When I heard Grant say that, I had to ask again to make sure I didn't miss something.

"Grant," I asked, "you do or you don't have to be a great defensive team?"

"I think we will," he said. "I think that's the personality and make-up of this team."

How good defensively do you think this team can be?

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