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Gamethread: Preseason Game 7, Warriors At Suns

It's on!

Let's get this party started, folks. Gentry says he will play a regular rotation this time.

Game time: 7pm

Location: UA Airways Arena, Phoenix AZ

Opponent: Golden State Warriors

Phoenix Suns Vow To Get Serious About Preseason, Face Golden State Warriors At Home, 7 P.M. AZT - SB Nation AZ

The Phoenix Suns will go with a normal 10-man rotation in their final two preseason games. Tonight's match with the Warriors will be our first real look at the team under more typical circumstances.

Game Preview: Preseason (preseason!) Game 7, Warriors At Suns - BSotS

When oh when will the bleeding stop? The Suns are hemorraging badly.

Badly, Alex? Did you really need the word 'badly'? Is there any other kind of hemorraging?

Why yes there is! Thank you for asking. Preseason hemorraging is akin to a paper cut. It's annoying and painful in the short term, but gone within a day or two with not even a scar in its wake.

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