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Game Thread Overflow #2: Suns At Blazers

The Suns couldn't rebound or take care of the ball (or stop / make clutch shots) but you guys brung it! 

Roll Call: BravePhin, Dragic_is_Magic, Omaha Sun, SunValleyNug, keify34, haremoor, Alex Laugan, Bkj, suns68, Seth Pollack, phxuk: Ap, jc79, Superelkman, Justin6foot7, silverddue, SunKing, Mike Lisboa, hcblankscreen, East Bay Ray, Wil Cantrell, HarvMel, rsavaj, RMason, Dantre, TwinnerA, SUNS PORTUGAL, Scott Howard, 7footer, Migonads, dbacks25, Wichita SunSteeler, Jimmy D, KholdStare88, the new Bradfather, JesusNinja13, WaveOcean, PanamaSun, sunsfanfromchicago, SunZag, Beavis 25, mountaindew77, TheRza82, KnowGood, Lime, Larfleeze, ArizonaCactus, waxmonkey, N8lol, Will Power, SteveNash, QuantumPhysicist, steve13nash, t-northern, Sun God, PHXgp, The Solution, Will Smith, troglodytes, suns13, atkammoh, TheGreatMon, presbot, PandRisDead, Pedro Ivo, Reelsht, Chafid, bmxican, GovernorStephCurry, noonoo, azmanian_devil, b0rd3rline, Humongous
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