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Open Game Thread: Preaseason Game 1, Suns @ Kings

Lets get this party started!

Don't forget to check out a couple previews:

Three Storylines For The Suns/Kings Preseason Game Tonight - Bright Side Of The Sun
Yet all those developments will likely have zero impact on the regular season rotation. That's the nature of the first preseason game. But there ARE storylines. There's always a couple good storylines.

Phoenix Suns Open Preseason At Sacramento Kings, 7:00 P.M. AZT - SB Nation Arizona
Being the first preseason game, you normally wouldn't expect much and by all means the score should be ignored. But this preseason has additional importance for the Suns, who have a lot of work to do before getting ready for the 2010-11 NBA season schedule to kickoff on October 26 in Portland.

Here's a list of goals for the Suns in the preseason:

And be sure to stop by and visit Sactown Royalty and wish them best of luck this season. I think they are going to be a much improved team.

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