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Open Game Thread: Suns vs Mavs Under The Waxing Crescent Moon

Indian Wells pregame
Indian Wells pregame

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It won't be a full moon, so the werewolves should be mere mortals tonight. Lets hope that doesn't stop the Suns from taking a bit outta that Maverick ass. Am I right?

Gentry confirmed that J-Rich won't play but he is listed on the official starting lineup thing they hand out. Gamesmanship or preseason whogivesaheckmanship?

I vote the later.

AG did say that Jared would likely get the start but he hadn't decided for sure as of an hour before tip when he talked to us.

The Mavs are without both Dirk and The Jet. Acting Mavs coach Dwane Casey said that Tyson Chandler will get the start instead of Brendan Haywood just to see some different looks. Without Terry or Beaubois (broke foot), Barea will get a lot of time running point.

Gentry repeated what he said yesterday about being concerned with the high turnovers in the first two games and poor defense. While he was willing to excuse some of the turnovers as "getting to know each other" adjustment, he said there were far too many "unforced errors".

As for the Toronto disaster, AG said he didn't take too much from that, calling it a throw-away game.

Weather Report:

When I first got here and the Suns was shining on the court it was pretty warm. Now with the Sun down behind the lip of the arena it's just warm. No wind at court level but that tends to pick up as it gets later...or so I am told.

Hair Report:

Dirk is on the court shooting around even though he's not playing. His hair is longer than it's been and he's got a nice head band thing going. I have spent a lot of time with my 4-year-old daughter working on putting on a headband correctly so I notice these things.

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