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Phoenix Suns Practice Report: Nash Going Nowhere, Lopez Not Going Well

Trade Nash? What are you, nuts? Are you out of your f$%king mind? ARE YOU COMPLETELY BAT SH*T CRAZY!!!

That's pretty much the tone with which Alvin Gentry responded when asked about the Steve Nash trade speculation. He really couldn't have been more clear right up to the point of saying if Nash goes, he's going with him.

Check it:

Phoenix Suns Insist Steve Nash Trade Chatter Is Bogus - SB Nation Arizona
"Have you looked at the way he's playing? He's playing at a real high level. Why would we trade him? I don't understand that. That's not anything that's been discussed here. You guys want to write about it, fine. But you're wasting your time, I think. It's not going to happen."

There's more there, of course, including Nash saying he's not heard anything about this and thinks it's just "chatter," along with Gentry calling out the national media. Fun.

On to the team you go to war with, not the team you wish you had.

"I think Robin's still trying to get back to his best, physically. He's not moving the same as he did last year. He's not covering the same amount of ground and it takes time," Nash (still here) said.

The bottom line is what we've all seen. Lopez is just not the same guy. Here's what Robin has to say about that.

"I think I'm not quite as explosive as I was last season. I need to get back to that, but I also kind of need to figure out how to play not being quite as explosive."

Robin says it's just part of the rehab process and that he expects it to come back, eventually. But his focus now is figuring out how to play with the body he has, not the body he wished he had. Clearly, that's a struggle for him that he admits even contributes to some of the fouls he's picking up, as he's a step slow on his rotations.

Other than that, Gentry's focus remains on turnovers and rebounding. The turnovers are a matter of getting used to each other and some guys trying to do things they aren't accustomed to doing and trying to win the game themselves. 

"The fact that we're in a game that we give up 31 points off turnover is amazing in itself. We've just got to make sure we're making good, solid decisions and the turnovers have got to be in the 12 to 14 range, not the 20 range," Gentry said.

The rebounding is a harder issue, of course, as we knew it would be. Gentry and Nash both talked about just doing a little better. Maybe one or two more per person. 

Asked if the personnel made it more difficult, Gentry wanted no part of that excuse.

"It can't be personnel because we've got who we got. We are who we are. We're going to play with who we have and so we have to get better in that area."

A few minutes later, he did say it wasn't fair to blame Hedo for not being able to rebound with the big power forwards he's assigned to. 

So, you know, they are who they are and who they are is going to get hurt on the glass some nights. Period.

Audio (hear for yourself):

One last tidbit. Robin was doing some extra work with Siler and Lawal. He missed an 8-foot hook shot and shouted, "Scheisse!"

First time I've heard him use a German curse word, which just goes to show you, he's constantly learning and developing his skill set.

Happy (early) Veterans Day everyone and thanks your service (if you served).

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