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Heroes Abound, Suns Shoot Lights Out in LA, 121-116

I am giddy like a school girl.

Usually in the NBA, if you get out rebounded by 17, 9 times out of 10 you are going to lose. But tonight your Phoenix Suns drained 22 3-pointers en route to a 121-116 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers IN LA. This is that one exception.

It was looking like a Pau orgy early on, but the Suns hung tough through out the game. Jason Richardson played out of his mind tonight with 35/8/3/3, including 7 3's, but it was Hedo Turkoglu who hit the pivotal 3 with 34 ticks left when the Lakers were looking like they were going to steal the W.

This was a weird game in the sense that the Suns couldn't make a stop all night (exaggeration). But when you don't miss from beyond the arc, it helps, no? 3 is more than 2, yes? Gasol looked like a teenager playing against a gang of 6 year olds for much of the night, pulling down 17 boards and dropping 28 points against the Suns. But you have to hand it to our squad, they hung, they tipped the misses around and ganged like they wanted this one more than the Lakes. Every time it looked like LA was going to make the run, that run, a different Sun came up in the clutch to make a basket, grab a board, make a steal.

We also must thank Mr. Odom for a T in crunch time, and the ref's for missing a call when he clearly got jacked in the dome piece in the paint. Of course, it was some slight justice taking the Kobeinlastargetsallthecallsfactor.

Nevertheless, this was the Suns' night. They overcame injury to Robin Lopez, a typically raucous LA crowd, not to mention the reigning champions to bring home the W.


Nashty: 21 and 13 while dealing with his personal issues. Some clutch baskets and free throws.

Dragon: Looking mean tonight going up against Sasha. I would have liked to see him crack his enemy in the face, but it was best to keep him on the court. His 3 3's were vital. I cannot get over how calm and confident he is on the hardwood this season.

Frye: (he of the very bad acting in a grocery store commercial) dropped in 20 and 6 along with a huge block on Pau late in the game while playing with 5 fouls. That air ball 3 made me cringe, but he delivered when it mattered.

Chill: the sneaky shoe hoarder played some nice D and picked up 5 boards. He plays quietly but efficiently. You hardly know he's there but he's a dirtworker that Cotton would love.

Hedo: again I mention the Turkish delight. In the preview I asked for a coming out party. 17 and 5 and the huge 3 works for me. It's a confidence builder no doubt.

And now, as a special treat to you beautiful people, I give to you my game notes:


Suns 8-21 from the field 38% 5-9 from three 56% (JRich 4-6)

Lopez out with 2 PFs in 5 mts

Gasol-6 in frist quarter 2nd chance points


Sasha is good for nothing but fouling people

Warrick mental from the FT line.

Kobe actually called for an offensive foul

Goran looking very confident, 2 3's

Lopez reenters at 6.25 injures his knee at 6.04 when Dudley falls on him.

How can Turk box out Odom?

Suns reel off 9 in a row during a 10-2 run, led 56-48 LAKES RESPOND 5-0


Lakers quickly out to 9-2 run

Frye 3 pt play, back n forth

Get the feeling LA is toying with Suns

JRich 3 Suns with largest lead of game 76-68

Suns not defending but answering every Laker make

Nash 3 Suns up 1

JRich 3 90-76

8-14 Suns shots 3's Suns 90-76

Lakes 8-1 run

Hakim FT's? WTF?

Suns 92-84


3 shots at the basket Sasha 3 Suns 95-89

Dragic 3 Suns 100-92

Rich going cold

Gasol easy 2 107-104 Suns

Frye air ball

Suns 1-8 in 4 minute span until Nash delivers lay in with 2 mts left.

Frye great block on Gasol 109 104

Nash drops long 2 on Odom 111-104 1.50 left

Fisher drops a 3 111-107

Hill clanks 3

Odom T-d up after making 2. HA HA HA HA

112-109 Suns 53.7 left


115-109 34.7 seconds left

Suns steal in bound after Lakers get 2 shots at the basket Frye fouled 115-109 24.4

Frye 1 of 2 116-109

Kobe easy 2 116-113 18.2 left

Nash fouled 2 FT's 118-111

Kobe 3 point play 118-114

Nash 2 ft's 120-11

FREE THROW CONTEST-stop it 2NASHTY it aint over

OK its oVEr. PARTAY...IDEA FOR VICTORY THREAD...yes Wilfredo, you are brilliant, thousands will flock!

Congratulations Suns Fans. Sleep Soundly With Smiles on Your Faces.

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