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Phoenix Suns Lose 3rd Straight, Trounced by Charlotte Bobcats 123-105

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Trade Steve Nash? No. Do not.

The Nashless Suns were destroyed tonight by the Charlotte Bobcats.The 5-8 Bobcats. The Bobcats averaging 93.1 per game, 28th in the league. These Bobcats scored 123 points, and played like a playoff contender against a Suns squad that has either lost focus, energy, or simply isn't the same team without Mr. Steve Nash.

Per Paul Coro's tweet: As mad as he's been this yr, Gentry rips Suns D & effort after 123-105 loss to CHA. "We sucked...We didn't guard. We don't have any excuse."

Indeed. There is no excuse for this defensive effort. It was ugly and awful and ridiculous and a bunch of other adjectives. Nevertheless, the Suns are 6-7. With the lack of size and youthful talent, our favorite squad needs to bring it every single night. Wins over the Lakers in LA and Denver at home are illustrations that this team can be and is good when they're rolling on all cylinders. But without a cylinder or two, they are a below average NBA team. Fact. So let's get down to the heart of it.:

  • There has been some murmuring about Jared Dudley's awful play. He made nothing from the field like the last night and night before. Is he pressing due to the contract? Or is he attempting to learn a new game due to his loss of weight and new diet? Probably both. As the team continues to adjust, so does he. Two dribble and pop, or sit at the arc and wait? Drive to the hoop or pass? Good questions for a guy who's trying to improve at every facet of the game.
  • Hedo with a -20 and 4 turnovers. He also had 18 points and 5 rebounds. Obviously the negative numbers won out tonight. Still, I'm not going to criticize this guy. He's a hero one night and a goat the next. Hedo can play. He will play more good games than bad. What else do you want?
  • Frye: Plays 40 minutes with a 11/6/ line. Not bad for a guy who was purported to be soft with the big boys. He's improving and playing much better D these days. He's accepting his role and you can't disrespect that.
  • Dragon: 17/10 with no turnovers. Not bad at all. yet he also allowed D.J. Augustin 16/5/6.
  • JRich: Blew his load against the Lakers and hasn't been the same since. 3-11 tonight and allowed Stephen Jackson to go turbo.
  • How does Boris Diaw go for 26?
  • The Cats outscored the Suns 64-42 in the paint.
  • The Cats launched 13 more shots than the Suns and made 16 more from the field.
  • Charlotte was 9-19 from beyond the arc. The Suns 5-21.
  • The Bobcats bench outscore the Suns pine 41-23.


The Phoenix Suns have shown that they can play with the best in the league. Taking the Lakes in LA means something. Blowing it on the road against the Heat and the next night against the Magic doesn't support my statement. But the Magic game was a throw away. I hoped for something better against "Mr. What Should I Do?"

Nevertheless, any educated or barely educated fan knew coming into this season that the Suns were going to need to find themselves. Fact. They continue the journey every night. If you like excitement, well the Suns are full of it because you never know what you are going to get from one night to the next. However, it's pretty clear to me that having Steve Nash playing always improves your chances of grabbing a W.

  • Grant Hill hit for 23.
  • Hedo hit for 18, off of 7-14 shooting.
  • Goran 17/10/4
  • Earl Clark played, and that's always something to make us smile, yes?

it is the same old story for our Phoenix Suns. Play defense, make stops at key moments, shoot the three, get everyone involved. If those things don't happen, it will be tough to win a game.

I better not hear any panic, and if I see a panic button, I will not be happy. It is a long season and this squad is going to find itself. AND THEY WILL NOT TRADE STEVE NASH.


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