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GameThread: Suns At Rockets, 6:30PM AZ Time

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Let's get to it!


Suns Look To Snuff Out Rockets - BSotS

The Suns need Jared Dudley to remember what made him a difference-maker last season. They need Jason Richardson to get out of his funk, and lead this team on the offensive end.

The Suns need Hill, Childress and Dudley to shut down the perimeter and make jump shots harder to hit.

Expect the scrappier team to win this one.

Hey, maybe Steve will play after all

Suns guard Steve Nash is reporting that he feels much better and is not experiencing any pain with his groin strain, opening a strong chance that he will play tonight at Houston.

The Suns staff will meet to discuss the possibility this afternoon. Nash is expected to go through his pregame routine tonight at Toyota Center before making a game-time decision, as he did in Miami on Wednesday when he played.

Another note in the link: Frye will play Scola initially, while Turkoglu takes Brad Miller.

Well, looks like he's playing...


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