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Game Thread: Suns vs Clippers

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Coaches Game Notes:

  • Randy Foye is not healthy enough to play the minutes they need him. His minutes are limited (hamstring)
  • Vinny Del Negro talked about the Amare - Blake comparisons. He called him different players. Amare being longer, taller while Blake has shorter arms, ball handling skills, passing. Both have similar physical, power skills
  • VDN is 3-1 against the Suns since leaving
  • Clippers are very young team, they are going to have ups and downs. "I think sometimes they're so young they don't really understand how long this season is."
  • Suns will certainly try and pack the paint and try and force the Clips to hit from long range
  • Blake Griffin seems more than 2 inches taller than Taylor
  • Jarron Collins waved and said hey so I am passing along his 'hey' to all of you. Dude is good people

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