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Suns Vs. Grizzlies Game Thread

Game thread


name this infamous Brightside writer who is no longer an official writer but brilliant none the less.

The first to name him gets a free warm Moosehead, compliments of Scott Howard.

Coaches Notes:

  • Zebo is listed as a starter on the Grizzlies official lineup. DeMarre Carroll is inactive (ankle). Hedo should have a grand time with that monster.
  • Asked about the trash talking stuff, Gentry said it's just part of the game and should be left on the court, not in tweets.
  • Gentry said (again) that Suns are getting good shot but just missing some late but the Suns have won many games with Steve taking and making those same shots.
  • Gentry also pointed out how few real games Robin has played in over the last 6 months...still getting timing and also mentally recovering from back injury
  • Again Gentry called Amare the best roll man in the game and any player would look worse in comparision

Here's a fun note from the Suns PR staff:

Suns have forced more turnovers than they've given up this season (61-56) and also outscored opponents in second chance points (65-58).

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