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Phoenix Suns (2-3) at Atlanta Hawks (6-0) Game Preview and Thread #1

Phoenix Suns 10-11 Season Game #6



2-3 6-0
Phillips Arena
November 7, 2010, 5:00 PM
TV: AZ 45, Radio KTAR 620
Probable starters:
Steve Nash PG Mike Bibby
Jason Richardson SG Joe Johnson
Grant Hill SF Jason Collins
Hedo Turkoglu PF Josh Smith
Robin Lopez C Al Horford

Today your Phoenix Suns play in Atlanta against the undefeated Hawks. The Hawks are 6-0 while their opponents combined record thus far has been 8-25. I am not hinting that the start is a fluke. Er, maybe it is. But the Hawks have brought back a nice core of players: Joe Johnson (18/5/4), Josh Smith (13 and 9), Al Horford (15 and 10), the declining Mike Bibby (11 and 4), and 6th man Jamal Crawford (17 ppg, 41% FG, 35% 3pt).

The Suns are coming off a hard fought W against the Memphis Grizzlies which saw some improbable occurrences (all involving Jason Richardson) coupled with some excellent team play. Today the Suns will need to bring the same kind of effort to keep the active Horford and Smith off the boards, while working the perimeter D to keep Johnson and Crawford in check.

In all honesty I would like this matchup much more if it wasn't an early start. While the Suns biological clocks will be at 2 PM, the 5 PM EST start may prove to difficult to deal with. I expect a slow start, but I've been wrong before. Very wrong. Some key questions:

  • Can Hedo put two strong games together back to back? Can he play PF? Can he play PF? I mean really.
  • Will Robin Lopez be a non-factor as he has been for arguably most of the 5 game season?
  • Has Steve Nash overcome the TLS (tired leg syndrome?)
  • Will J-Chill get some extra minutes and dominate his former employer?
  • Does J-Rich have a sore right arm from hoisting up 29 shots 2 nights ago?
There are no doubt more questions to be answered, but this is a very winnable game for PHX.

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