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Suns Vs. Thunder Preview and Game Thread

This game will most likely be uninteresting. The Suns will not get thei Orlando booty on Monday most likely. Thus, the Suns will be short handed against a tough OKC team. Jared Dudley will be starting at the 2 in place of Jrich or Vince Carter, depending on your point of view.

It will be interesting to see what the Suns show in the way of effort tonight. It appears Nash will be playing and Gani Lawal is active. I would expect to see Josh Childress and Hakim Warrick playing extended minutes, which could be fun to watch. Seeing Earl Barron though doesn't sounds fun to watch, and we'll probably have to endure watching him.

Nevertheles, I never count the Suns out, and it's possible to win this game. Not very, but with Nash playing there's always a chance, right?

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