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Miami Heat at Phoenix Suns Game Thread: Release the Hammer!

Here we are - the much anticipated debut of a couple of our new players, Marcin Gortat and Mickael Pietrus, we'll have to wait for the Vince Carter show to start until Aaron Nelson gives him the green light.

Can now Co-Captains (the Tri-Force has been broken) Steve Nash and Grant Hill commandeer this team with new faces to a higher level? We're about to find out, and we shall all be witnesses.

I'm throwing this bad-boy up here a little early so we can chat about the Orlando Magic / San Antonio Spurs game and watch Hedo and Richardson play and Earl Clark sit on the pine.

Lets Keep this thread a little more PG-13-ish and not so much X-rated like the Game Preview comments. :)


13 - 14


Lost 1


Heat vs Suns coverage

Heat vs Suns preview

Peninsula is Mightier

[Note by Seth Pollack, 12/23/10 8:16 PM MST ]

  • Wade's a scratch due to the knee and so James Jones will start for Miami at the two. Jared Dudley could be heard screaming in delight from across the arena.
  • Gentry once again said that it was very important that his team not turn the ball over. They are going to try and keep LeBron out of the lane and off the line...good luck.
  • Gentry also said that we shouldn't make too much of the results of this game. "If the Suns win, don't ask where the Larry O'Brien trophy is and if not, the season isn't over."
  • Basically, Gentry repeated the same talking points he's been saying for the last few days so you know, nothing new
  • Pietrus has taken Amare's old locker. I mentioned that to him and he smiled and said that he hopes he has Amare's career also. Gortat's locker is next to Frye's and Carter is in the corner

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