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The Night Before Suns-mas 2010.

Happy Holidays, y'all!  I had hoped to get this up sooner, but when management makes trades a couple of days before your deadline, all those awesome rhymes for "Turkoglu" you were so proud of are suddenly so much dust in the wind.  (Links to 2008 and 2009.)  As always, gigantic Santa's belly sized apologies to Henry Livingston for butchering his holiday classic.  Cheers.


Twas the night before Christmas in the house of the Suns

And everything was moving, from lockers to... Suns.

Players were traded, allegedly with care

While aging Steve Nash played with his hair.

The window was closing if not quite yet shut

Another mid-season change: a punch in the gut.

J-Rich went to Orlando with Hedo in tow

Along with Earl Clark, who developed so slow.

And arriving in Phoenix, as if it really matters,

Creaky Vince Carter whose knee was in tatters.

Along with ol' Vince they threw in a pick,

The Hammer and Air France. On paper it's slick,

Of course it made sense, something had to be done

The Suns were tiny and soft, and could no longer just run.

And what of the fans, who've seen this before:

Another roll of the dice, one more fave out the door?

It started with Joe, followed by Shawn Marion

Next was Mike D' so they could bring Terry in.

The Big Cactus swore a ring, but instead put on a show

Just like all of Nash's sidekicks: easy come, easy go.

O, Raja! O, Boris! Now, Earl, Ball and Jason!

Leandro!  Amar'e! This list is amazin'!

To the East Coast we sent them! Away from Phoenix and sprawl!

We let them go! Let them go! Let them go all!

As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly

So have Steve Nash's teammates been cast to the sky.

But back to the court, Two Time always returns

With a desire to win, because his fire, it burns,

As he and Grant Hill do not know how to quit

The keep fighting and scrapping for that elusive ‘chip.

And all is not lost, the roster isn't ALL new

Of familiar faces, there are more than a few.

Skinny Jared was struggling, but now has stepped up

And Alvin's fierce support keeps the whole roster pepped up.

Robin Lopez is back after all that time on the pine

And Channing expanded his game beyond the 3-point line.

A tip of the hat to that most versatile Mr. Frye

Who went from bomber to banger without batting an eye.

His tall slender frame was not made for the paint

But he tries and he tries, a quitter he ain't.

Goran Dragic keeps threatening to come in to his own

Though as heir apparent, he isn't quite full grown.

The new guys are blending, like high-flying Hak

Who can pull down a lob and rattle the rack.

Chilly's been hampered by a slightly broken finger

Big Garret Siler seems to have laid off the Zingers.

The blue collared Polish Hammer seems ready to work

Who knows? Maybe Steve and Grant can make Vince less of a jerk.

Rather than point a finger at Bob, Lon and Blanks

Instead this Christmas Eve, I choose to give thanks.

For six years of clutch shots and ridiculous passes

Here's to Steve Nash: the classiest of classes!

Despite all the turmoil, I hope you find the Bright Side of this, too

Happy Christmas to all! (Yes, I know, I forgot about Lou.)

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