It's not easy being 2NASHTY


The man, the myth, the legend. Prolific commenter, BSotS ambassador to the SB Nation, passionate Suns fan...and (self-admitted) horrible speller. During the playoffs last year, I was hanging out on Planet Orange, for lack of a better alternative. But I found that I liked to watch the death throes of the other teams (I know, I'm sick). 2NASHTY kept showing up. On BEdge, then PTR, then SS&R, I saw this guy interacting with opposing fans, and doing it with class, style, good nature, and humility. I love sportsmanship, and I love class, and I followed him back to BSotS, which I didn't know existed.

If you've ever been to another team's game thread, you must know how hard it is to make a comment that doesn't start a flame war. 2N is the master at this - his humility and self-deprecation allows him to make points without pissing people off, even in the heat of battle. His humor allows him to defuse volatile situations. He gives credit where credit is due. His obvious passion for the game is infectious. And...well...his spelling...well, it's not very good.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love 2NASHTY. He is my favorite, and if you can call somebody that you have never met, don't know his real name, and who disses your birthplace constantly a friend, he is my BSotSBFF. He's my bud, my virtual drinking buddy, he's always got my back. But in a media that depends on the typed word to communicate, 2NASHTY can be somewhat of a liability. Like this time, in Norman OK, 1985, when my friend Greg went to the bar to pick up like our 23rd double scotch-on-the-rocks, and came back to inform me that he needed my help in a fight. Turns out he had picked a fight with Brian Bosworth and about 20 of his team-mates. It didn't help that Greg was about 5-9, roly-poly, with ENORMOUS glasses. That was expensive to get out of, I can tell you.

I had originally thought to write a post illustrating what spellcheck would do to 2NASHTY's comments, but as he himself has said, it takes him 3 tries to get it close enough for spellcheck to find the right word. So I'll let everyone do that for themselves - it will make for some fun comments.

And I know this looks like a typical epic haremoor (War and Peace) length thread, but it actually is a pretty quick and entertaining read.

So in the words of BEESOUGHTS own Yogi Berra, the best...of...2NASHTY.

Let's let 2N sum it up in his own (really, he just makes them up) words.

I do it all the time

although i’m viscous on vowls…

I thought you'd get a kick out of this

really though; do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have my vocabulary and not be able to spell any of it? it took me 20 f’ing minutes to get close enough on superfluous to get the right suggestion…when finally got it and saw the
u o u part I was thinking That’s the kind of shit I’m talking about

"I feel younger almost every year. I feel like I'm getting better every year. I feel like the season gets easier for me the last two years." Steve Nash

by 2NASHTY on Nov 19, 2010 2:20 PM MST

it sux being me...

no lie; I read that what i wrote and seriously heard it in my head the way you spelled it… if you guys ever met me you’d be shocked that I’m allowed to use sharp utensil’s…then again if you’all ever got to know me, you’d probably change your minds back.

happy holidays everyone.

by 2NASHTY on Dec 27, 2010 12:21 AM MST

some times it actually have to try 2 or 3 times just to get close enough for spell check to guess what I’m trying to write

happy holidays everyone.

by 2NASHTY on Dec 26, 2010 11:28 AM MST

fck vowels...

I can spell chekrs to!!!!!


i speak can engrish…thank god you can translate


unincumbered by a key board you’d be suprized at how articulately beligerant I can be.




see what i did there?

i tried to be funny but made a typo so now it just looks stupid

of coarse you all own a horse...of coarse

that was fucking Hailairios…...

titrating is easyer if you set up two

run 1 with recluios abandon to get an Idea of when to start dripping…fast forward on the second 1 to a safe point, and then start dripping.

really fucking supid...


BSoTS is art

I know why

cuz BSOTS is dripping with sweat Awsomeness

technically any thing divided by x as x approaches zero will approach infinity but this only applies to functions and not an integer …however , for diddly>>squat and assuming squat<<1, diddly divided by squat could indeed equal a shit ton

happy holidays everyone.

by 2NASHTY on Dec 16, 2010 10:15 AM MST up reply actions 3 recs

Other times, he's Yoda-like. Or Yoda-lite.

I really don't eant hear leander say ANYTHING!

annoying that one is

hello my name is simon

bum looker…


whats luv due with it !?!!?

scott howard jerk off motion to spell check

spell check does me no good on haremoor

besides we caan all usee a few more vowls in ouur livese

PIckle Time!

o.k that was a typo…I know how to spell needead...

Sometimes, he's everyman.

so this one time...

I got arrested for a failure to appear on a god-damned traffic ticket… there is so much funny shit to this story, but I’ll keep it to the semi relevant… I finally get processed and I’m in what they call the fish bowl (imagine your cabin at camp except with glass walls, you can’t leave and everyone is wearing orange). so at one point it turns INTO camp. everyone is telling their stories of how they got there, talkin shit and cracking jokes. then these two guys pipe up. turns out they both just got busted for dealing and it was their third strike…next stop, long prison sentence. they start telling stories and crackin up in a gallows humor kinda of way. then the tell this one story went like this

Dealer1: OHHHH dude, remember Jack!

Dealer2: OHH shit yeah Jack….I remember Jack mothah fuckah was allways try’n get Crack with no fuck’n mony.

Dealer1:yeah man we were always tellin him we’re not a loan bank and shit!…you have to go to the bank for the money FIRST then talk to us.

Dealer2: ya ya ya ya ya!…..remember what we always told him.

Dealer1 and 2 in unison:
NOOOO Jaaahck we will not give you your Craaahck….gooo…tooo…tha…AYE! TEE! EHM! pull twenty dollars
….thehn COME baaahck….Jaaahck…and we’ll give you your Craaahck….Jaaahck.

Fishbowl: BUSTS out laughing

BTW it was my 22nd birthday at the time…shit; not exactly hoping for birthday sex

"Try quoting someone else and taking credit for it." 2NASHTY

by 2NASHTY on Dec 11, 2010 10:55 PM MST reply actions 6 recs


really would like to see dragon go to the hole it get some fouls on thier trees

being rec’d by others is great and all…but some times I just want to rub a quick rec out, and go about my day.


share the lowe



obvious things

Like….why do we park in a drive way but drive in park ways…or why are they called TV sets when you only get one.

those crfty muthas


and yet I read it…does this make me voyeur?


i'll send you a pic of my dog




sorry kiefy i had to

I don’t thats a nickname…..thats just a name name...


Lets try to survive the the phallic state with our behindmyn in tact....

thats a lot of butt focken…...

I know have rules, and I know we enforce them loosely, and I know we have posters of all ages here but...

FUCK YA!!!!!!!!!!

seriously alax wut up wit dat shit...

Nash Out Tonight and Probably Monday

dead wrong on one thing

sasha would totally be jar jar fing binks

can we trade clark

for hedo and dudly’s shot I now we need a big but I hear Brazilian hedodudshot can be really productive…we should start a trade thread


good D, usaull shit

could not get the rebound

groen man D

pre dame ritual?


you said rim

wow…that’s a lot of zigging when they shoulda been zagging...

no shit about basketball…isn’t ball enough. no shit they have to take care of the basketball they’re not going to try to dunk the baseball! …Ball

michael vick and ceasar milan

betty white and johny knoxville dog the Bounty hunter and paul mooney ron artest and a live mike Salma Hayek and ….what were talking about?



I must be on the wrong internet

off to the ya'll


I love me some 2NASHTY - He's my BroSOT. This post was done with much love, and the knowledge that he will understand, and take it in the spirit it was intended.

And if not...

Lowe will keep us tobether.

That’s for you, 2Nashty.