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Happy New Year! Share Your Favorite 2010 Memories

Happy New Year's Eve my friends and Blazers fans.

It's been a very interesting 2010 from a Suns standpoint but due to excessive drug use, age, and exposure to nerve agent at the tender age of 20* my memory ain't so good.

So instead of me sharing my greatest memories with you, why don't you share them with all of us.

Throwing this in here because it doesn't warrant it's own new post but is too delicious to ignore.

Phoenix Suns Use Bad Tacos To Bribe Fans Into Improved Defense - SB Nation Arizona
"It makes the point that in order to be successful we have to emphasize not only our traditionally league-leading offense, but also put a little emphasis on defense and have the community rally around our efforts to improve our defense," Babby said.

* two out of those three statements are true

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