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Phoenix Suns Situational Rotational Decisions Here To Stay

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Alvin Gentry said Monday that he anticipated playing Earl Clark in the Wizards game (before it got to garbage time) but he wasn't able to get in based on how the game went. It's just another sign of how much fluctuation we might see from the Suns rotations this season.

Gentry had said he wanted to get to the point where the rotations and roles were well established like in previous years but he now seems to be resigned to the fact that who plays will be vary based on who has the hot hand and which match-ups are most favorable against that game's opponents.

"Guys know that when they are going good, they are going to stay in the game...If a guy's going good and he's making shots, I don't know why we would take him out unless he's tired," Gentry said about the expectation he's set with his players. They know know that if they come out of the game it means they aren't playing well or they are tired.

This "best guy, that game" approach makes sense given the Suns depth and versatility and it keeps players on their toes and hungry for minutes.

It also has a potential downside in that players feel more pressure to perform when they are on the court, especially early in their stint, which can lead to more selfish play. The uncertainly also makes it hard for guys to prepare mentally and physically and can prevent players from working their way out of slump or staying in rhythm. 

There's a reason why Gentry's instinct was to find a more consistent and established set of roles and rotations but he simply has no choice right now other than to let his guys fight it out on the court for the limited minutes he has to dole out at the wing positions.


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