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Where did 'Phoenix Stan' Go?

Today's a big day in the life of 'Phoenix Stan'. He's been officially retired having served his purpose over the last three-plus years as my virtual pen name.

I can now come out of the digital dark as I've been asked to take on a bigger role with SB Nation.  I am assuming the post of SB Nation NBA League Manager and will be working on some other projects which remain on the low down for the time being.

I will, of course, continue my guilty pleasure work here with Bright Side of the Sun covering the Suns and Mercury like a smelly old wet blanket.

For that reason and in the spirit of transparency I've retired the 'Phoenix Stan' alias. It served me well and still kind of cracks me up when I think about the metaphor (Phoenixstan : Tajikistan : Kurdistan : Desert : Remote : Hot - I had to spell that out b/c so many people didn't get the joke)

It is clear that I was not chosen for this position because I'm the most talented writer or have the most successful community. My peers in the SBN Hoops Network are doing amazing work and my goal is to use my experience in various technology leadership and sales positions to leverage the synergistic power of our team and employ as many buzz words as possible. Go Synergy!

We have an incredible collection of all-star talent on our roster and my job is to support all of those people reach their full potential and life fulfillment. I intend to do that primarily by facilitating knowledge sharing and a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Go Fulfillment!! Go Collaboration!! But don't worry, I am not afraid to get my Larry Brown on if the situation demands. Go Old School!!

I would also like to thank and apologize to all of those people whose ideas I've shamelessly stolen, whose advise I've solicited freely, and who's work I've emulated. I stand on the shoulders of basement-dwelling giants.

I am leaving a fine company where I've worked for the last six years and taking this leap because even when you are older than Grant Hill you still need to open the door to your dreams when you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity. This is an amazing chance to combine my passion with my profession.

The sports media landscape is changing and you have my permission (you are welcome) to see this as a sign of things to come. While newspapers are shutting their doors, I am joining a company who's promise and future is bright.

It is true that many media companies have failed to adapt to changing realities but the underlying business model remains in tact. High quality information attracts consumers who in turn attract advertising. How we conduct our business is different. The tools we use are unique and the understanding we have of the new environment might be better but we would be fools to think that advantage will remain in place forever. That kind of hubris has taken down many great companies. And sports teams.

As an organization and as individuals we must constantly innovate and be nimble and adaptable in a world whose pace of change accelerates exponentially. Creativity. Flexibility. Accessibility. Those will be the hallmarks of my administration.

Wow - delusions of grander much, Seth?

Thank you again for all your friendship, support and readership.

Yours in sport,

Seth Pollack (fka 'Phoenix Stan')

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