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Game Thread: Suns vs Trail Blazers

Final - 2.10.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Portland Trail Blazers 30 30 23 25 108
Phoenix Suns 20 24 23 34 101

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Coaches Notes:

  • Coach McMillian is going with the 3rd different starting line-up in the last three game. Miller and Blake will start with Batum off the bench. He dodged questions from Blazers beat writers about his previously stated desire to have more consistency
  • Coach Gentry made all kinds of surprised faces when he was handed the line-up sheet. He clearly didn't expect it
  • The Blazers board in their locker room was filled with all kind of complex defensive instructions. This is clearly a team that likes to mix up their schemes
  • Gentry said Hill would play. He bruised his back when he fell into a camera man on the baseline in Sacramento
  • Coach called it "absolutely ridiculous" when asked how he felt about the position of camera men so close to the court. He said it would take someone getting seriously injured to change things.
  • In what might be Amare's last home game as a Suns, Gentry praised Amare as being incredibly consistent and a great player here for the last 5 years
  • He said he's talked to Amare about needing to get better defensively if he wants to be listed with guys like Kobe and Duncan. Gentry says Amare is trying to get better and has improved his defense of the last year or two

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