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Amare Stoudemire Trade Rumor Open Thread

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As things got hot and heavy last year, we brought out the Open Thread for the final days before the trade deadline. At that point, there were rumors involving both Amare and Shaq. This time, we can focus all of our Suns trade rumor energy on one big man - Amare Stoudemire.

Here's how it works. Throughout the day we will post new information as it pops up and given the pace of things last night we fully expect that to continue throughout the day. New information will be posted at the "top" of the thread with a time stamp so you can quickly see the latest and work your way backward.

A cautionary note: Not all rumors are created equal. Information from the Suns beat writer (Coro) and local radio (Gambo) tend to be more credible. Information from certain national sources such as Woj at Yahoo! and Stein and Bucher at ESPN or Berger at CBS have a good track record. Beat writers from other cities such as Cleveland, Miami or Oakland are usually very good. From there it starts to get murkier. 

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/16/10 7:17 PM MST ]

A series of tweeted updates from Windhorst

Twitter / Brian Windhorst: Here is the latest on Cavs ...
Here is the latest on Cavs based on sources. Waiting on PHX to accept trade or not. PHX stalling, waiting for other offers to mature.

The Cavs can save Suns more $ than package Miami is currently offering. But PHX are allowing Heat time to put things together.

As such, Cavs have lined up other options with the leading candidate being Antawn Jamison. But there are others, too.

Reports of interest in Corey Maggette, much to my surprise, are true. But that is down the list.

Bottom line: Cavs deal gets Suns under luxury tax, saves $10mm+. Heat deal cannot. But MIA trying to find way to take J-Richardson, too.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/16/10 3:53 PM MST ]

Twitter / Adrian Wojnarowski: Miami tried to enlist Char ...
Miami tried to enlist Charlotte as 3rd-team to make Amar'e deal but failed, league sources said. Udonis Haslem would've gone to Charlotte.


[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/16/10 3:33 PM MST ]

ESPNs Chris Broussard talks about the Suns trade options and explains why he likes the Cavs deal for the Suns.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/16/10 1:15 PM MST ]

Gambo on Sports 620 KTAR is reporting the following:

  • The Suns have determined that Amare will be traded
  • The Suns are still deciding between the Cavs and Miami
  • Suns are pushing to get BOTH of Miami's 1st round picks (theirs and Toronto's) and Beasley and maybe Haslem
  • The Suns still don't like Beasley and could try and move him in the off-season - Gambo: Which deal do the Suns want?

What Miami has that may entice Phoenix to deal is two first-round draft picks this year, their own pick and Toronto's pick, and you would have to figure they need to offer both to land Stoudemire. Plus, an expiring contract (Quentin Richardson, Udonis Haslem) that would give the Suns cap flexibility going forward. And Beasley, a player the Suns would move at some point before next season.


Personally, I can live with either deal. Obviously, if you get both of the Heat's 1st round picks, plus Beasley, plus Haslem that's the better option but it is not clear that Miami will give up both picks.



[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/16/10 8:34 AM MST ]

Overnight recap:

Last night we heard from a few sources (see below) the following:

  • Deal from Cleveland on the table is Hickson, Illgauskas, 1st rd pick and Danny Green (?)
  • Suns still looking at other options which includes Miami, who wants Amare BAD but Suns don't want Beasley so Miami is trying to find a 3rd team to take Miami assets and give Suns a young player they want
  • Somehow the Warriors and Maggette are in the mix - possibly to send an expiring from either Cleveland or Miami to the Warriors in exchange for Maggette's longer term contract (~$30m/3yrs) and one would have to assume some other young player(s) as well. We've looked at this before for the Suns, but now consider that the Warriors could send out assets to save money and not take Amare back.
  • There are reports that have the Suns making a decision today because of the distraction this has become and also to allow the Cavs time to pursue other deals (Jamison or Murphy)
  • The 76ers don't seem to want to give up Iguodala for Amare, but the Suns still want Iggy
  • There are other reports saying the Suns will not make a decision until Thursday as things are changing so fast so they want to let everything play out to get the best possible offer
  • Amare chimed in and "debunked" discussion that he and Shaq couldn't play together and other writers followed with more detail
  • The Suns reportedly offered Amare a two-year extension beyond the final year of his contract (total 3 yrs) with the extension coming somewhere below the $17m he would make next year. Amare's team countered with something less than a max deal. The numbers from either side aren't known at this point


My thoughts:

A lot of fans think they know better than the experts and say it would be a mistake to pass on Beasley. I've consistently said that I don't like him and clearly the Suns feel the same way. You can disagree if you want but that's how it stands and we won't know for a couple of more years who's right in that when we see how Beasley pans out. He might be talented, but he doesn't strike me as the type of team player you want to build around.

I don't know much about Hickson except the people that have watched him develop this season (he missed much of last year with a back injury) have been very impressed with his progress and potential. He's reported to be extremely athletic and a great locker room guy and a hard worker. Carl Landry with more upside.

I would like for the Suns to get more than just Hickson for Amare and obviously the Suns want more as well or this deal would probably be done already. If they only get Hickson, Cleveland's pick, Big Z's contract and Danny Green (6'6" SF/SG who was drafted 46th last year and is the cousin of Gerald Green), I will be disappointed but will not jump off a bridge.

I want to see what J.J. Hickson is all about before passing judgment. This front office was right about Jared Dudley and other young players recently so I think they've earned some lee-way.

As for the Warriors potential participation in a three-team deal, I stick by what I said before. I don't like Corey Maggette and his contract but neither is horrible if packaged with the right sweeteners in the form of young talent and picks. I am hesitant about Anthony Randolph, though. He's suffered a severe injury and will be out the rest of the season so we don't know how he will bounce back. He's reportedly gotten in trouble from the Warriors for skipping games to go to clubs while on "rehab". He's an incredible talent but also has some character and attitude issues that worry me.

We'll see what happens over the next few hours. It should be fun/frustrating/confusing/exciting/depressing.


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