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Suns Morning After Links

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Well, that was fun, huh?

Now back to the grind. 27 games left. The magic number is now 18. As in 18 and 9 gets the Suns 50 wins which by any measure will earn a Exceeds Expectations rating.

If you came to this site during the trade deadline bonanza (and there were many new people that did) we hope you stick around. We do more in Phoenix than talk trades. Basketball is actually played and we will be here to talk about it.

We've got the Hawks at home tonight - more on that later. For now, chew on these links:

Suns On The Air -

Gentry yesterday afternoon

Dudley yesterday afternoon

Kerr this morning taking calls (he references and responds more to my question about why Dirk or other big names don't get talked about so much in trades)