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Game Thead: Suns vs Hawks

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Atlanta Hawks
@ Phoenix Suns

Friday, Feb 19, 2010, 7:00 PM MST
US Airways Center

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Coaches Notes:

  • General mood in the locker room was very upbeat. Players relieved Amare is staying. Gentry said every team goes through that this time of year
  • On the Hawks, Gentry said they are a really good team (yup) and create a lot of turnovers and their switching defense is solid
  • He said Nash is physically ok but mentally still drained from his Olympic/all-star weekend
  • Amare and Nash both had a bag by their lockers filled with their all-star gear. Amare opened his and found a present from Kobe Bryant. It was a custom set of head phones with the Red-West color scheme and an all-star logo. Amare was pretty pleased by that
  • Apparently, Al Horford got all his teammates a similar present which the guys found out about when Jason Collins came into the Suns locker room for a bro-to-bro chat. Lou and Robin gave Amare some crap about not taking care of his teammates....all in fun
  • For those interested, Hawks Coach Mike Woodson's eye brows are slowly growing back. They are still barely more than fuzz right now

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