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Open Game Thread: Suns vs Kings

Final - 2.21.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Sacramento Kings 27 27 15 19 88
Phoenix Suns 25 26 24 29 104

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Sactown Royalty

Coaches Notes:

  • Gentry said this is a different Kings team now w/ Landry and Garcia. They are still struggling to incorporate those changes but they are still good
  • They are big team with Reke, Garcia or Greene (not sure who's starting), Thompason, Capsi and Landry who plays like he's 6'11" (he's 6'9" - Gentry loves him)
  • Gentry talked about what an honor it was for Tyreke to recently meet with President Obama. He said he remembers like it was yesterday when he did a Basketball Without Borders thing and got to meet Nelson Mandela. That was 16 years ago. Gentry meet President Reagan in 1988 with the Pistons
  • On the White Board in the Suns locker room by all the normal stuff it said, "the most aggressive team will win this game"
  • Nash was feeling better and did participate in shoot around this morning but is still a game time decision
  • If he can't go, Dragic will play a lot of course, and Hill will fill in running the point as well

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