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Game Preview: Suns vs 76ers

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I'm not going to lie. I don't care about the Philadelphia 76ers beyond what all the fuss over Andre Iguodala is about. I will try and pay a little more attention to him to see if I think he's a high-stat guy on a bad team or if he might (have been) a good fit with the Suns.

Beyond that, you know the drill. The Suns are on a serious roll and should be riding high from last night's win. I would expect that energy to carry over despite the back-to-back but at the same time lets hope that Nash is ready to do his thing as well because 40 minutes for young Goran probably took the stuffing out of him.

Nash is officially a Probable for this game. More to come. Stay tuned to twitter if you need to know the final answer 20 seconds before everyone else.

As for the Sixers they are 2 and 3 in their last five games with a win last night in Golden State and a home win over the Spurs on the 19th.

Statistically, they are pretty mediocre all-around. They don't suck too bad in any one area nor do they excel. They just kind of exist. They are in NBA purgatory. Too good to be a solid lottery team and too bad to make the playoffs. Must be a miserable time to be a Sixers fan.

The big news is that Allen Iverson isn't with the team due to a sick child and is rumored to be on the verge of another retirement. That would 3 for him, right? That's Brett Favre territory. Well done, AI.


Yup. There will be some of those tonight.


I just hope the Suns aren't feeling as let down as I am after last night. To go from that great game to getting up for the Sixers...that will be a feat.

Here's some links to keep you happy occupied until I have more time to think about this game...

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