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Game Thread: Suns vs 76ers

Final - 2.24.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Philadelphia 76ers 25 22 27 21 95
Phoenix Suns 33 25 31 17 106

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Coaches Notes:

  • Nash will start. He's feeling better. He will play as much as he wants to play
  • Goran said he feels good today after playing 40 minutes last night. He does have a head cold and is kind of congested (That is a BSoS Exclusive Report!!!)
  • Grant's good to go. Coach said he told his guys during a time out last night that they can't let 37 y/o Grant Hill be the hardest working guy on the floor
  • The Sixers are running more than when the Suns last played them. They are good in transition so the Suns can't turn the ball over. Defensively they play the passing lanes and "junk it up" with a lot of full court press, zone press, and "other junk"
  • Teams that have handled the Sixer's "junk" have done well against them this year
  • Willie Green (shoulder) and Josh Smith (ankle) are out for the Sixers
  • Coach Eddie Jordan said some other stuff I can't remember but wasn't important enough to go back and listen to. Just trust me on that one.

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