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Suns Drop 76ers In Highly Forgettable Game

Steve Nash after a night off felt refreshed but is still battling nagging injuries. He finished with 20 points on 8 of 9 shooting and 13 assists. (Photo by Max Simbron)
Steve Nash after a night off felt refreshed but is still battling nagging injuries. He finished with 20 points on 8 of 9 shooting and 13 assists. (Photo by Max Simbron)

Some games are unforgettable. Tuesday night in Oklahoma for example. Tonight's game was completely and totally forgettable.

As in forgetaboutit forgettable

As in let's just pretend this never happened forgettable

As in I've already said too much about it forgettable

The good news is that the Suns won the forgettable game because otherwise we wouldn't stop talking about it. J-Wow came out on fire and hit a couple of early threes. Nash went 5 for 5 in the first quarter and dropped 14 points and 5 assists. Some other guys played too, but I can't really remember who. I forgot about them already.

The game continued on cruise control with the Suns milking around a 6 point lead for much of the half before they decided to wake up and dropped a 9-3 run to end the half up 11.

Out of the locker room they continued to step lively and quickly increased that lead to 21. That lasted a few minutes until inevitable let down came and the Sixers closed it to within about 13 at the end of the third.

The only real question, though, was if Nash would have to come back in to close it out or could the bench put this sick baby out of its misery (and my misery).  Up 15 with about 6:45 to go the Suns did just enough to keep the lead around 13 to 15 so Nash didn't have to come back in.

In their last seven games, the Suns haven't scored over 110 and they've held their opponents to under 105 in six of those games. But who cares. Let's just forget about it and move on.

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/24/10 10:29 PM MST ]

Steve Nash is happy with the win of course, but he is still battling "ailments". He said that the rest really helped refresh him and that he had plenty of energy in his legs which is why he was able to overcome the bad back and the ab strain.

Nash will continue to get treatment and is hoping to make it through until the stretch in early March when the Suns will have five full days off in a row. The Suns still have 6 more games before that break and Nash will continue to try and get himself right.

"I didn't feel great going into the game tonight but things went well for me and the ball went into the basket. I think a lot of that has to do with having fresh legs. But for me it was nice to get back out there, to not tweak anything, and to contribute and get some confidence and hopefully my health can get better and better from here on out."

20 points, 8 of 9 shooting, 13 assists and only 2 turnovers in only 29 minutes. Not bad for a guy who's not feeling very well.

Audio: Nash post game 022410

Coach Gentry talked about the standard stuff. Good win. He was happy with the stat sheet for the most part, except for giving up 14 offensive rebounds but he even gave his team a pass on that saying that many came late in the game (3 in the 4th quarter). Alvin would have liked the Suns to have put the Sixers away but in the end he didn't need to go back to Nash in the fourth which was the main goal.

Gentry was asked why the Suns defense has gotten better over the last several weeks. "Just the coaching," he joked. "I just think the guys, they talk about it alot, they talk about how we have to get more consistent defensively."

Audio: Gentry post game 022410

Goran Dragic admitted that he was nervous going into yesterday's game in Oklahoma but he also said he was, "motivated to lead his team." I like how he put that.

That little dream shake move he had under the basket was something he developed in Europe and has used once before this season against the Warriors.

In the end, Goran knows his place on this team, "When Steve is not doing well, our team is not doing well. He is the most important player on our team. When he is doing well we are going to win some games."

Audio: Dragic post game 022410

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Game Notes

1st Qtr

  • Nash is on the floor. That's always a nice thing to see.
  • J-Rich starts off where he left off. Draining buckets.
  • Nice confident, decisive move from Robin with that little pull-up.
  • The Sixers are starting two pretty small-ish guards in Holiday and L-Will. JRich should enjoy that.
  • Nash curling off screens to shoot. I like that. Less wear-n-tear on the old man but still a pretty effective use of his skilz
  • I was wondering if the Suns would ride the high from last night or have a let down. They are shooting 80% and three for three from three to start so I would say....let down.
  • Come on fella's pick it up! 5 of 6 shooting is not good enough!
  • Amare has the ball iso'd on Brand in the mid post. Robin comes across the lane towards him and Amare looks at him and basically say, "get the fuck out of my paint" but with his eyes. Robin retreats quickly
  • I remember thinking during pre-season that Brand looked huge. Like he ate a rookie huge. He's just as big now.
  • J-Rich with the slap to the forehead after you miss a three point attempt move. Silly foul, Jason but we forgive you. You have game winning shot immunity for...oh...I don't know...about 2 weeks?
  • Suns getting sloppy now. Amare kicking balls all over the place
  • Robin is playing great though
  • Steve Nash with the post defense on Dalembert! Sammy should just bench himself right now.
  • Frye takes, hits a three. His first in about 7 weeks
  • Way to not box out Thad Young, Dudley. You might want to keep an eye on him
  • Ooooh...aaaahh...that Nash pass was Dragic-like
  • Why would Dudley come and double team Iggy in that situation? Anyone?
  • Nash on fire! Who do you say, "on fire" in Canadian? 
  • 33-25 Suns

2nd Qtr

  • Lou Williams is a speedy little shit. I think I would like to see he and Aaron Brooks in a foot race or even better a game of Dodge Ball
  • Channing working on his post moves. Needs more work
  • Lou gets in there. Fights for a rebound, forcing it off Speights. Does he get credit for the OReb? No. Should he? Hell yes
  • Brand scores...that's noteworthy because he doesn't do it that often despite being paid a lot of millions of dollars
  • Lou is playing great. His right wrist is tapped which Max (Not Contract) Simbron pointed out won't effect his shot
  • Oooh that was sweet hesitation move Jrue put on Goran. Went right by him
  • Speights with three fouls already. Sixers are short handed when it comes to tall people b/c that Josh Smith dude can't play. I mean he can play (sort of) but just can't tonight (ankle)
  • Thad Young got game
  • Elton Brand missed
  • Does anyone care about this game?
  • Fact: Goran Dragic is over 90% finishing at the rim with his left hand. 25% with his right and yet he drives right about 66% of the time (probably b/c defenders know these facts about him)
  • That was just wrong. They had this contest thing during the timeout w/ some big fat girl on one side and a college age guy on the other. The contest involved running and shooting layups. Just wrong
  • Do you know how the Sixers are still in this game? I am not sure myself. Guess I will check the stats
  • Nope. Still don't know
  • Both teams played last night and it shows. Intensity level is less than in a good curling match. Or is it game? Contest? Sweep? Anyone?
  • 58-47. Nice little run to end the half

3rd Qtr

  • The Sixers look like they are ready to pack it in if the Suns can drop some quick heat on them to start the half
  • J-Wow w/ the incredible finish on that alley-oop
  • Suns now up 20...Will the Sixers roll over like a good puppy and die or will they fight back and make the Suns blow another lead and win it late
  • Suns lead down to 19 with 4:37 to go
  • Ooops. Make that 21. Thank you, Amare
  • End of the shot clock Amare has been pretty good lately
  • There we go...get a bit lazy and make this a ball game. Lead down to 13
  • GREAT MOVE from Amare. Right by Speights
  • 89-74 Suns

4th Qtr

  • Both Dragic and Nash have missed technical FT's tonight. They have so much in common
  • T was for having six men on the floor. The Sixers that is. Get it? Funny stuff
  • Suns shooting 57%. Philly 44%. Rebounds about even.
  • Someone behind me just yelled, "I love you, Goran!". He's arrived
  • 13 point lead...come on people, lets end this game already. Stop toying with them
  • It's the three stooges out there but with 10 stooges instead of three.
  • It's the ten stooges out there
  • Dick Bavetta cracks me up. He is by far the most entertaining part of this game
  • Sick move from Goran to drive baseline and pivot back around the rim and lay it in
  • Flopping works
  • Stop the flop
  • 14 point lead with 2:54 to go after Frye hits a three. He misses that one, Nash probably has to come back in
  • Clark coming in w/ 1:45 to go. I am guessing he will get up  5 shots. T Griff in as well
  • Taylor SCORES!!!! Nice little baseline drive too
  • Clark touches the ball. Clark shoots the ball. That's 1

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