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Suns Vs. Clippers in Pictures: Another Posterization, and Exclusive JMZ Interview

All photos courtesy of Max Simbron


This was just the beginning of a rough night for Chris Kaman.


Fear the Fro, Drew. Fear it.

Eat it, Kaman!


Yeah Baron, he's taller than you.

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Aw....Cute......And who says the Pac-10 can't get along?


And now....The official JMZ interview with Robin Lopez, conducted by Jared Dudley:

Dudley:  "We're live here at JMZ behind the scenes in the locker room with player of the game Robin Lopez. Robin what's goin' on,

Lopez: "not much how doin JMZ?"

Dudley: "We chillin over here. Big game for you tonight career high points 30. What were you seeing out there from the defense tonight?"

Lopez:  "Well, the defense was focused on JRICh stat, obviously we got talent in the starting lineup. so it kind of leaves me open to do things offensively like in the first quarter. Opportunity kept coming my way. Playing with Steve gets you opportunities. I was able to get the ball down there and get some easy dunks."

Dudley:  "When did you know it was going to be a special night? Obviously you were feelin it you were getting dunks, when did you feel it, know it was gonna be a special night?

Lopez: "Goran came over to me he said you gotta you beat my career high. He scored 32 in you Utah so I was aiming for that."

Dudley:  "Now did you understand Goran with the language barrier?"

Lopez: "Actually I was able to. Goran and I have a special relationship. Others may have some difficulty but..."

Dudley: "You got a flagrant foul, Drew Gooden flagrant fouled you. Were you reminiscing to the time in practice you kicked down the door, were you getting angry, yes or no?"

Lopez: "Um no comment, no comment (laughter). I was able to cool down, we called time out."

Dudley:  "Alright, you're here with Jared Dudley, JSPN."

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