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Early Game Preview/Thread: Suns Vs. Spurs

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Final - 2.28.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Phoenix Suns 25 27 24 34 110
San Antonio Spurs 21 28 28 36 113

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Due to time constraints, I've shortened the game preview, and combined it with the game thread. No one here needs to be reminded how big a Suns/Spurs game is, especially in the midst of the playoff push.  

Well, Well, Well. Looks like the Spurs are having a tough time. 7th seed in the West, 4.5 games behind Dallas in the Southwest. Have the mighty really fallen? 

The Spurs are coming off of a 109-104 defeat in Houston. Prior to that, the Spurs downed Oklahoma City, lost in Detroit and Philadelphia. The Spurs have gone 5-5 this month, which doesn't really reek of the usual San Antonio stretch time return-to-form.

Spurs Numbers:

PPG:  100.5 pg-15th NBA

OPP PPG: 96.5-9th NBA

PPG DIFF: +4.01-8th NBA

RPG:  42.4-11th NBA

OPP RPG: 39.6-6th NBA

REB DIFF: +2.75-3rd NBA



For a glimpse at the state of the Spurs, check out Pounding The Rock and some of the recent fanposts. Sheesh. Makes things around here look friendly and subdued.