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Phoenix Suns Daily Links: Kerr and Frye Chat it Up

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What better way to start your day than the soothing sounds of Steve Kerr and Channing Frye on Sports 620 KTAR?

It's no Pants on the Ground but it should at least keep you going until tonight's game which don't forget is at 830pm MST on ESPN which is a schedule change...Don't Forget!

Steve Kerr talking about (what else) trade stuff. He had a lot to say about the new CBA and how important it is for teams not to get locked into big long term deals when the new CBA might have a hard cap. Kerr said that there's usually a lot of chatter at this point with deals happening the week of the deadline.

Channing Frye says that the long two is the worst shot in basketball. The irony is not lost on me.

Other Links

  • Suns' Jared Dudley now indispensable Suns' Jared Dudley now indispensable, Suns forward Jared Dudley turned a situation with no playing time into a role as the team's sixth man.
  • Rudy Fernandez Is Dreamy, Dallas Women Are Drunk - SB Nation During a timeout with 41 seconds left in regulation, two women walked onto the court and into the Trail Blazers huddle. One woman wrapped her arms around the waist of Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez from behind. Fernandez, who was not in the game but focused on the plays being diagrammed by coach Nate McMillan, was stunned.
  • Which is More Important: Short Stay in Playoffs or Franchise’s Long-Term Health? - Eric Freeman - The Baseline - Sporting News A playoff berth would be nice, but seeing Amare leave while getting nothing in return would be devastating. Based on rumors, the Suns seem to have decided they should trade Stoudemire, and that decision should be commended. There is little to gain from an early exit in the playoffs.
  • NBA Power Rankings: Where The NBA's Hierarchy Gets Cleared Up - SB Nation 11. Phoenix Suns: 29-21 overall, 3-1 last week SBN Blog: Bright Side of the Sun. Last week: 14. Just when you start to count the Suns out, they roar back with a couple nice wins over Dallas and Houston. Resiliency has been their thing ever since Seven Seconds Or Less started, which is ironic because you don't expect a team that focuses so much attention on the offensive end to be resilient like this. Maybe the trade rumors have inspired them. Who knows?
  • - Suns Spotted Around The League Gambo is reporting the Suns continue to have conversations with Washington regarding a possible deal involving Amare Stoudemire. Key pieces that could be possibilities to wind up in Phoenix are Caron Butler and Randy Foye. Antwan Jamison is too old for the Suns liking and was bothered by a sore left knee on Monday. The team mentioned last week and again brought up today is the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers could package a few of their players - Samuel Dalembert and Andre Iguodala - as they both take up a good amount of Philly's salary cap. Dalembert has $12.2M remaining on his contract.
  • Amare Stoudemire Trade Contest - Bright Side Of The Sun Put your fingers where your keystrokes are and win a signed Amare jersey by predicting his trade
  • - Suns' GM Kerr says Suns must consider every angle "What we have to do is balance the entire equation," Kerr said. "Are we good enough as a team going forward with what we have? Will we be good enough if he opts out? How much will we have to pay him if he opts out and wants to come back? What's the new collective bargaining agreement going to look like?"

[Note by Seth Pollack, 02/03/10 11:45 AM MST ]

A must read from Mike Prada over at the SB Nation mothership


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Confused by where everyone stands as NBA trade rumors fly? Mike Prada, along with other SB Nation team bloggers, breaks down the trade landscape as we get closer to the trade deadline.



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