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Daily Poll: Are you Sick of Amare Talk Yet?

It's starting to get old isn't it. Scratch that. It got old a few days ago and yet like Pants on the Ground you just can't look away. One is the most culturally significant event to sweep the nation since Jersey Shore and the other is only the single most important decision the Phoenix Suns will make in the next 12 years (m.o.e. +/- 11 yrs).

So today's question is: Are you done yet?

Daily Links:

ESPN's Ric Bucher on Sports 620 KTAR talking about...

Suns broadcaster Tim Kempton on Sports 620 KTAR talking about....psych! - Jason Richardson

and never forget you beacon of light during rumorous times is this page:

Phoenix Suns Rumor Tracker Page - Bright Side Of The Sun

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