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Daily Links: Where Amare Wants More Love

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Oh, Amare. You really don't make it easy on yourself do you? Are you overshadowed by the greatest player of his (your) generation? Yup. Are you even close to his level of "star" based on your all-around game? Nope.

Pulling out the "I was rookie of the year out of high school" card really isn't going to change that and frankly, isn't all that appealing to your fans.

Stoudemire Believes He's Overlooked in NBA History -- NBA FanHouse
Amar'e Stoudemire is 6-foot-10, 250 pounds. But he says he's overlooked. In NBA history, that is. The Phoenix Suns forward sees how Cleveland's

Gentry and Dudley on Sports 620 KTAR

  • Class, determination never in doubt for Nash
    Earlier this year, Stoudemire went eight consecutive games without a double-double, which, for a guy who can exercise an option in his contract for next year at $17.7 million, is pretty unprofessional.
  • Suns' Robin Lopez - Channing Frye combination works at center
    With Robin Lopez starting at center the past 10 games and Channing Frye becoming his backup, the Suns' new center tandem look has averaged 24.8 points, 10.4 rebounds and 2.1 blocks. It has become part of the reason the Suns are playing their best basketball of the season, with their first four-game winning streak since November and first one against all winning teams since the 17-win streak of 2006-07.
  • Phoenix, Nash, Portland, and more to come « Channing Frye's Blog
    Being here in Phoenix is truly a blessing. I have had so much fun just being on the court, trying to get better every day. The guys on this team, the staff, the front office people, they really are class acts.
  • Historically solid Suns could have a rocky future ahead
    "The Best Franchise Without A Championship." That, in a nutshell, explains the Suns. They've had great players. They had an excellent president for decades in Jerry Colangelo, who ran a model franchise. Few teams have ever played a more entertaining style of basketball, which was especially fluid in Mike D'Antoni's time. They captivated Phoenix before the other professional sports discovered the once-booming city, and still are considered the No. 1 attraction in town. Yes, for the most part, it's been all good for the Suns, with one rather noticeable flaw: No NBA title to show for it. With the franchise now facing some serious issues, you wonder if a title shot is drifting into the distance like an Arizona sunset.
  • The Official Phoenix Suns Blog » Blog Archive » Suns Return to Earlier Form
    It’s a little more defense, a little more rebounding, a little more chasing down loose balls as if they’re made out of $100 bills. And the Suns have been doing it all without surrendering their strengths, things such as sharing the ball and then burying the shot.
  • Amar'e Stoudemire may stay with Phoenix Suns, much to chagrin of New Jersey Nets
    Though the Suns' asking price was apparently too high for the Nets, there is still a chance for a move before the deadline, especially since the Nets have as much to offer as any team - draft picks, expiring contracts and young talent. But if Stoudemire makes it clear he intends to stay in Phoenix, the likelihood of the Nets acquiring him becomes small.

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