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Suns Dethrone Kings for 5 in a Row, 114-102

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5 in a row. Pretty dang nice. A good old fashioned butt-woopin' in Sacramento.

Something's happening with the Phoenix Suns.  That something is good. And forgive me for getting sentimental, but Nash to Stoudemire nearly brought a tear to my eye tonight. The two even hooked up for an alley-oop. You gotta be kidding me. Makes a guy want things to stay the same. 

But enough of that emotional garbage...The Suns came out tonight in the SAC and took care of business. The final score doesn't do the Suns justice. They were in full control for the duration of the game tonight.

To summarize:

  • Steve Nash: 23/10/8
  • Amare Stoudemire: 30/9
  • Grant Hill:  10/5/3
  • Robin Lopez: 10/7/2
  • Jason Richardson: 16 (points)

The bench put in some good work tonight as well: Goran Dragon Dragic added 10 points, Jared Dudley, 7, Channing Frye had an awesome put back dunk, and Louis Amundson pulled down 7 rebounds before later fouling out.


FG: Suns 48%, Kings 44%

Rebounds: Suns 44, Kings 42

Assists: Suns 18, Kings 10

Points in the Paint: Kings 54, Suns 44


  • The last time the Suns swept a road trip of at least four games was in December 2006
  • The Suns have scored 100 points in 11 straight games and 23 of their last 24.
  • The Suns began the game with runs of 11-0  and 9-0 in the first quarter, outscoring the Kings 39-24.
  • Some guy called Donte Greene went 31/7 for the Kings
  • The trio of Hawes, Evans, and Martin were a combined 9-26 from the field and -70 on the  +/- scale.
Couch Commentary:

Good win for the Suns, great 5-0 road trip. The Suns are currently occupying the 5th seed of the Western Conference, a game behind Dallas and a game in front of San Antonio and Portland. If you're Steve Kerr, are you influenced by the standings and current play of your team when dealing with the Amare situation? Are you more inclined to up your offer to extend? Or does none of that matter? How close are we to picking up Iggy and Dalembert?

This is a certainly a confusing season. As a fan I'm not sure what to root for, to keep the squad together and take our chances in the playoffs, or to go ahead and make some deals, preparing for the future. At the moment it would seem a shame to pull the plug on this squad. Still, it's a business and Mr. Kerr needs to be thinking of the long term vialbiity of the Phoenix Suns franchise.  For now, perhaps we should just enjoy this win and our recent success and let things play out as they will. Should be a very interesting next few weeks.

Next up, Portland, 2/10/10.

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