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Phoenix Suns Daily Links: Channing Does Good. Amare Situation More Convoluted Than Ever

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Good for Channing

Help for Haiti " Channing Frye's Blog
I'm not one for jumping on the donation bandwagon, but people, I'm asking you if you could to donate to the Haiti fund. That is just a ridiculously sad situation and anything you can do to help, would be greatly appreciated.

Now, back to topics 1, 2 and 4: Amare Stoudemire, where clarity is still weeks away.

Extension agreement? Trade deal? Nothing and repeat the process all over again in June/July?

A few weeks ago I was fairly certain that Amare would be gone this time. Now, I am not so sure. There's no doubt that there's a lot smoke but most of it isn't from fire but from a giant smoke machine being used to disguise the real intentions of the various parties involved.

It's an old Army tactic used to hide your movements from the enemy. That's what this all feels like right now.


The good news is that Chris Kaman will be an all-star! I feel better living in a world where Kaman is an all-star.

  • What would be lost in an Amare Stoudemire trade| Valley of the Suns
    Suns fans had no problem with the idea of sending him packing for a few youngsters, some expiring contracts and a pick or two when Phoenix lost seven of nine games. But now that the Suns look legit again, the idea of no more STAT tomahawk dunks or near-impossible And 1’s has to be a painful thought. The man is a weapon, unmatched by very few others in the league. When motivated, he is arguably the best offensive big man in the NBA, period. He can hit the jumper from 20 feet on in, drive to the hoop from inside of the paint or out, and finish with contact as well as anyone in the league. Oh yeah, one other important detail: He is still 27 years old. He may not be worth max money, but with the right contract, he could be the building block to something special.
  • Another week of uncertainty facing Suns' Stoudemire
    What is known is that the Suns plan to offer Stoudemire an extension by the end of the week, before the All-Star Game, and how he responds will go a long way toward determining the next step. If he accepts, he obviously stays and everyone focuses on riding this 31-21 start into the playoffs. If he declines but says the numbers are close enough that the sides should keep talking, negotiations continue while general manager Steve Kerr and other teams also continue to talk. If the proposal prompts Stoudemire to storm out of the room, Kerr starts icing his voice box to prepare for the long hours of phone work ahead.
  • YouTube - Deron Williams interviewed by Matt Harpring
    Deron Williams calls Jarron Collins the most un-athletic guy he's ever played with.
  • The curious case of Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash
    Stockton retired at 41 and is one of the few small guards who continued to play at a high level into his 30s. But even Stockton pales - sorry - in comparison with Nash. Using his age at the start of each season as the measure, Nash averaged 12.4 points and 6 assists per game before age 30. Since then, he has averaged 17.2points and 10.9 assists per game. Stockton, like Nash, increased his scoring average after 30 - from 12.8 points a game to 13.2, but his assists went down from 11.2 per game before 30 to 9.9 after 30. And the drop-off after 34, like most guards, is sharp for Stockton. He averaged 14.4 points and 10.5 assists up to that point in his career. From 34 on he averaged 11.9 points and 8.2 assists. At 35, which is where Nash started this season, Stockton averaged 12 points and 8.5 assists.

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