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Phoenix Suns Practice Report: Where Steve Kerr Talks...

Steve Kerr talking to my hand at media day in October. Today he talked to the assembled hordes about what the Suns might or might not do this trade deadline. Except he didn't really say too much. (Photo by Max Simbron)
Steve Kerr talking to my hand at media day in October. Today he talked to the assembled hordes about what the Suns might or might not do this trade deadline. Except he didn't really say too much. (Photo by Max Simbron)

Well, it's not like he said nothing.

He did tell some fun stories about being in the three-point contest (four times), he talked about how well the Suns are playing, he said that this time of year there's lots of phone calls between GMs where nothing gets offered and then, when asked about Amare's situation, he said, "I'm not going to talk about any contract situation or financial situation as it relates to our players."

Then he was asked if he was meeting with Amare's agent this week, to which he said, "I'm not going to talk about that either, but good try."

Then a few minutes later, Phoenix sport broadcasting icon Bruce Cooper gave Steve one more chance to which Kerr said with a chuckle, "Do I want that chance? You're doing me a favor? I think you want the chance. No, I'm not going to talk about that stuff."

If you are looking to read some tea leaves, he did say this, "It is a lot easier to make a move when things are not going well.  When things are going well you are much more likely to go down that path but you always have to weigh everything going forward - in the future. Where does it leave you at the end of the year? Where does it leave you next year? We've got lots to consider, but we're really, really happy with the way the team's playing."

Kerr made it clear that things are going well right now and called the recent four-game stretch the best of Amare's season, "When he's really good, we're tough to beat." He felt that Amare's engagement and intensity were the key differences.

Of course, then he turned around and said this about the impact of the CBA on the Suns' thinking, "We're willing to spend money; we always have been. We've had one of the top payrolls in the league the last few years. I think it's more related to where the collective bargaining agreement is going, kind of league-wide. I think all the teams are hesitant to do much going too far forward because they don't know what the rules are going to look like. But as it relates to us, we are willing to spend to get our team better if that's what it takes."

Kerr also mentioned that this year is interesting because there are a select few teams that are buyers and then a lot of teams that are sellers so there is the potential for some big moves but you never know if they will happen or not.

Clear now?

Here's what he was willing to all its bullet-pointed, paraphrased glory:

  • Kerr hasn't yet had a chance to share any pointers with Channing Frye for his three-point contest but he will.
  • Kerr will be in Dallas for a day for the competition committee meetings. He did say it was also a good chance to meet with other GMs and do business face-to-face...if you have any business to do.
  • He's happy with the team right now and said that he's just trying to make the team as strong as possible.
  • It's human nature for anyone to be affected by rumors and speculation. Players all the time are affected by trade speculation. Kerr and Amare have spoken about it and Kerr says he's been very professional about it.
  • We're thrilled with where we are right now.
  • Kerr said again that you have to consider the CBA situation and can't lock yourself in with a lot of big contracts whereas in the past you knew the rules, but now it's a grey area.
  • Steve Nash leaned in and wanted to make sure that Kerr mentioned his (Nash's) opting out. Ha, ha, has all around.
  • Kerr is looking forward to the trade deadline coming and going so the team can focus on the rest of the season. He then talked about how strong and deep the West is.
  • This time of the year everyone calls each other and offers nothing and then moves on. He expects that things won't happen until the actual deadline and then teams will lay their cards on the table.
  • LB is doing flexibility and strength therapy on his hand. Timeline hasn't changed.
  • Kerr suggested that Frye practice with the racks a few times with a minute on the clock to get the pace and rhythm to it.
  • Kerr's big advice for Channing is that you are allowed to move the rack to where you want it. When Kerr did the contest in Phoenix in 1995 he didn't know that and was buried in the corner.

In other practice news, the Suns had a good hard and long practice today. Gentry was happy with the team.

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