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Bright Side of the Sun March Madness Bracket Contest!!

It is that time of the year and this time (as opposed to the last 4 years) we are organized!

The plan is really (really) simple. We are using the Bracket Manager system to manage our own unique league. To play all you need to do is go to this URL and sign up. If you don't already have an account with you will have to create one but that's easy.

To sign up: GO HERE

The password for our group contest is "Phoenix"....but shhhh, don't tell anyone.

There is a limit (400) to the number of people who can participate so go create your account and sign up now!

And the best part is...

The winner of our bracket pool gets a Phoenix Suns Jersey!

and there just might be consolation prizes for 2nd through 5th place as well.

Since this contest is completely fair (and I have no influence over the winner) it is open to everyone, myself included. So look for me to be rocking a #20 Collins jersey in a few weeks!

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