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Daily Links: Off Day Meanderings (and T-shirt design ideas)

The Blazers Brain Trust Has Its Day - Blazersedge
Ben was at the recent Sloan conference and gives a behind the scenes look at the 2010 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

The Suns are a self-described "middling" team when it comes to advanced stats. They tend to use them more for player scouting than game preparation and have a handful of screening criteria that all potential Suns players have to meet to be successful in the Phoenix system.

T-Shirt Design Ideas Wanted!

On a completely different note, we are finally starting up a Bright Side of the Sun T-shirt store as part of an SB Nation-wide relationship. Our store can have as many designs as we can come up with. We will have a "Beat LA" and "San Antonio Sucks" design of course but we are also looking to you for more designs.

They can be as simple as a quick phrase or as elaborate and creative as you can make it. The only limitation is copy and trade mark restrictions which means we can't use team or player names.

Submit your ideas for a cool T-shirt design and if we think it's something other people would want we will put it in the store. If it sells more than 3 times, you get one free! Nice deal, huh?

The only requirement is that your design has "Bright Side of the Sun" or "" on it somewhere.

You can submit design ideas in the comments below or to me directly via email.

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