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Phoenix Suns Practice Rapport: Flagrant Fouls, Healthy Back, No Regrets

The Suns had a normal practice today and spent some time working on a couple of offensive sets designed to take advantage of the focus opponents have on defending the pick and roll. I won't say anything more than that for fear of giving anyway any secrets ;) but I do think the half court execution on this team is as good as it's been in the Steve Nash era. They are doing more things with different guys touching and distributing the ball. It is nice to see.

As is typical, practice ended on a light note. Coach said that they could stop if Jared Dudley could dunk off a Steve Nash lob pass. Jared played it up. He made show of stretching himself out. Ran to the half court line and back to loosen his legs. He told Steve to make it a good pass and then....

Well, there's some dispute over the result. The ball did go in the basket and it was off a lob. Jared insisted that it was a dunk. Coach called it more of a "lunk". A layup-dunk. But he let the result stand.

Nash said this about his pass, "I'll tell you what. There's not a big target. It's got to be a pretty good or you've got not no chance."

So yes, the team was in pretty good spirits despite the loss last night to the Lakers.

About his ejection, Coach Gentry would only say that he thought that it should have been a Flagrant Foul called on Pau Gasol for the hit on Lou Amundson. He was careful to say (a few times) that he doesn't consider Pau dirty and didn't seem to have any problem with the way the Lakers played. He was just upset about that way it was called.

"I don't know what there is to talk about. I thought it was a blow to the face and should have been called a Flagrant Foul and they didn't. That's all there really is to discuss about it...There was no part of the ball that he even came close to getting. I thought it was a Flagrant Foul. They didn't think it was a Flagrant Foul and obviously I was ejected from the game. That's really all it came down to. We'll see what the league says."

Gentry pointed out that the Lakers were 8 for 20 against the Suns zone. So I guess I stand corrected with my criticism although I would point out that the players themselves have said the zone is for teams that can't play man-to-man and Gentry on several occasions has said that it should only be used in limited situations and not for extended periods of time.

Steve Nash's 1000th Career Game

Tomorrow will be Steve Nash's 1000th career game. He said this when Bob Young from the AZ Republic ask him if he was aware of that, "No, on Sunday? I'll have to throw a party tonight or tomorrow."

Steve went on to reflect on his career and spoke very thoughtfully about his time in the league. I would definitely have a listen.

As for his back and abs, Steve repeated what he said last night that he's feeling much better and just needs to catch up after all the work he put in getting himself right during last week's "break". He sounded encouraged about the rest of the season which is - of course! - a good sign.

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