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Phoenix Suns Practice Rapport: Grant Hill's Hard Head

The Suns had a fairly light practice today. Shooting drills, a couple of game situations.

Grant Hill was present but was told he couldn't practice/play for 24 hours following the injury but he said he's feeling fine today with just a little neck pain, "I was on the ground. I was pissed off they didn't call the foul really to be honest. That's what I was mad about. By the time I was ready to get up Aaron (Nelson) came over and I think just because of the way I fell he was like, 'don't move, where are you, who you playing' all those different questions and stuff. Once I pass that test he allowed me to get up."

Grant said the rest of his body feels great after only playing 20 minutes. Coach Gentry also said the he would be shocked if there was any issue with Grant playing on Tuesday.

If you're interested, Grant also talked more about Duke and college basketball in general...

Audio: Grant Hill practice 031510

Amare Stoudemire sat out practice as well. He's got some minor bumps and bruises along with some kind of toe thing going on. By the looks of his 36 points and 14/14 from the line last night, he's doing OK.

Leandro said he talked to Coach Gentry and that he will definitely be ready to play on Tuesday. He said he expects about 10 minutes.

Coach Gentry talked about Earl Clark going to Iowa to play in three games this week, "We looked at it and we had thought about sending him down the whole year but then we wanted to keep him up for the practice situations and things like that...He's got a real bright future here. We want try and do everything we can to help him become a better player and we just thought at this time for him to go down and play might really help him and help our team down the road somewhere."

The Energy have three home games this week so Earl can get in 30 to 35 minutes over that stretch.

Audio: Gentry practice 031510

  • Gentry said that he's never seen a playoff stretch like this with so many teams playing so well but the Suns still hold their destiny in their hand
  • Goran is about 80% because this was the first time he sprained that ankle which is harder than future times. Gentry thought he played well against the Hornets and called him a "tough kid"
  • Gentry said that Amare has been more aggressive which is forcing fouls to be called and the Suns are going to him a lot more and he's responded and come through for the team. Gentry is impressed with the improved decision-making as well
  • Grant said there some new sets designed for he and JRich. The team is doing more things to prepare for the half court, slower pace of the playoffs
  • Gentry said he expects LB's shot to be inconsistent at first (he's looked good in practice to me) because he's not tested it (right wrist) in game situations yet
  • t will be tough to sort out how to work LB back into the rotation but the Suns need to find out how much he can help the team
  • If you listen to the audio of Gentry you will hear noise from the three-on-three going on at the other end of the court. With Earl off to Iowa, Dan Majerle stepped in and went pretty hard. He ended up tearing his T-shirt and generally just having a good time. Early in the recording you hear Gentry stop and go, "oh shit". That was in response to a vicious one handed dunk by Robin over Lou.

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