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Phoenix Suns Embarrass the Minnesota Timberwolves: 152(!) to 114

The Gorilla turned 30 today. I just hope they give him a bath every few years. (Photo by Max Simbron)
The Gorilla turned 30 today. I just hope they give him a bath every few years. (Photo by Max Simbron)

"You can't win letting a team score 150."

 Ryan Gomes, March 16, 2010.Phoenix, AZ

Not much in the way of a recap here. The Suns came out and shot the ball well, abused a porous Timberwolves defense and ended the game early. The Wolves really don't defend the pick and roll well and the Suns didn't miss anything they threw at the rim. Or near the rim.

Up 64-56 with about 3 minutes to go in the first half, Nash came back in the game and lead the Suns on a 15-5 run. The 79 first-half points is the most in league this season. Jason Richardson was smoking hot from three going 5 of 6 and the Suns shot 67% overall in the first half.

From there it was cruise control time with a 35-27 third quarter to end the game for good. The fourth quarter was played (technically) but as you can imagine it wasn't anything to write home about. Or write here about for that matter.

Leandro Barbosa played a total of 16 minutes and had 7 points on 3 of 7 shooting. He missed a couple wide open three's when he first checked in to a rousing ovation from the crowd but he settled down and played OK.

Amare with 25 and Jason with 27 lead the way scoring-wise and Steve Nash dished out 14 dimes and went 5 for 7 from the field for his second straight Nash-like outing.

The Suns did manage to set the mark for the point points scored in a game this season which was 146 and is now 152. That is clearly the most interesting part of this game.

It's hard to even be a little excited about this one. It was more shooting clinic/layup line than NBA basketball game but hey, we'll take it.

Post game locker room from the Suns was pretty subdued considering. Very business-like.

Except for Leandro Barbosa who received a big ovation when he came into the game for the first time, "I was like a little kid over there. Seriously, it was great time. Only the first time coach put me in. I don't know how many minutes I played the first time but it was enough for me. I was just happy to be on the bench with the clothes of the Suns and see the fans doing that is such a great thing. I appreciate they wait for me for month and a half. It was just a good time for me. It made my night. And my day."

LB said he had no pain but his legs were a little tight. He said the pace of the game was a little slow for him. Slow? Only LB would call that game slow. Hilarious.

Needless to say, Timberwolves Coach Rambis wasn't thrilled, "Records are records. I don't give a shit about records. I was not happy with our defensive effort. Our defensive rotations. Those were not good. But what do I care about their records."

Game Photos from Max
























Corey Brewer's massive dunk all over Robin. Wow, that kid can fly.


But they were able to share a laugh about it later so it's all good....


Post Game Audio:

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Game Notes

1st Qtr

  • Small crowd for the Timberwolves game. Shame, all those people are missing out on Darko starting
  • Suns start Robin on Al Jeff
  • JRich missed another dunk in transition! That one was a little harder than the wide-open look in SA
  • Do you get the feeling that Nash doesn't think he will be playing a full game tonight and wants to get some early work in? I do
  • Actually, Robin and Amare are alternating on Al Jeff. Whoever gets to him first seems to be the rule right now
  • Al Jeff is just a joy to watch in the post
  • Suns up 16-15 at 7 min. Neither teams really playing much defense. Suns getting a lot of run outs
  • Darko w/ 2 fouls - out. Kevin Love with two feet - in.
  • It's The Gorilla's birthday so mascots from all over are on hard. Crowd boo's the Spurs mascot. Well played, Suns fans. Well played
  • Suns really looking for JRich. He's got 10 points
  • Both teams hitting their three's....My SWAG is about 60% for each team
  • Al Jeff sagging off on the pick and roll just giving Steve wide open looks off the screen. That's probably not an effective defensive strategy
  • Suns running JRich / Robin pick and roll a few times. That's new
  • Nice coast to coast from Ramon Sessions
  • Suns up 33-30 with 1:21 to go. I am fine with this pace and high scoring as long as the defense kicks in second half. Especially if the Suns are going to keep hitting their outside shots
  • Jason just hit another three. His 3rd in the qtr (15 pts)
  • 38-33 to end the 1st. That will work
  • Suns 4/7 from 3 (57%) I was close. T-wolves 3/4 (75%). 
  • Nash with 9 assist in the quarter. Wolves 7 total. Steve also 4/5 for 8 points. Nice to see him back in good form

2nd Qtr

  • Suns are switching a lot of screens
  • Whoa. Nice drive, spin and finish from Goran. LB who?
  • Suns up 11 now, 47-36
  • Wilkins looks pretty good. I remember him being stiff. He's not a stiff tonight
  • If the Suns just got a few stops this would be a 20 point game
  • It is a 9 point game 52-43 with 7:10 to go
  • LB checking in for Goran. Big cheer from the crowd. He's going to brick first shot
  • Yup. Wide open corner three
  • Missed the second one too, a three from the angle left
  • To be excepted. Nerves and what not
  • LB gets his first bucket on the break from Hil
  • Amare is money tonight (like most nights)
  • Jason misses another dunk...tried to go reverse. That's three whiffs for the game so far which happens to be how many Jared Dudley has made all season. I wouldn't read anything into that btw
  • Brewer just posterized Robin off a turnover...I guess you give Robin credit for trying to chase it down but we'll be seeing that one again
  • Nash back in at about 3 min mark. So I guess LB is going to take Steve's minutes. 64-56
  • Good game I guess. If you like scoring....and turn overs (7 for T-wolves, 3 for Suns). I guess that's not too many turnovers but it sure seems like a lot of run outs
  • Here's nice stat. Suns have 4 FTA's, T-wolves with 13
  • Pretty much anything the Suns throw near the rim's general direction is going in
  • Suns end the half on a 15-5 run up 79-61. Run started when Nash came back in the game

3rd Qtr

  • JRich 5 of 6 from behind the line...Suns 9/16. Not much more to say than that. 67% shoot for home team. 49% for the visitors
  • Robin just had 12 offensive rebounds on that possession...and still didn't score
  • The game is an auto pilot now. Hope it stays that way. Up 24 87-65
  • Scoring notes about Suns 79 1st half points: NBA season high in 1st half points; 2nd-most points in an NBA half this season (Bucks, 80 vs GSW of course); Most in a half by Suns since Phx had 80 against GSW (of course) on March 15, 2009; Suns fourth 70-point half this season
  • Amare doing his thing...his thing is scoring and he does it well. 19 points on 9/13 shooting. He's only got to the line once though
  • Early tacos'. 100-76 with 4:12 to go in the 3rd
  • Robin Lopez stands at least 4 inches behind the line when he takes his free throws...can't complain about the results though, 70% is solid
  • Suns bringing help against Al Jeff but he still has...several nice post baskets. Brewer actually leading the Wolves with 21. He's really improved this year
  • Old people kissing in kiss cam...still gross
  • Suns still up 27....not gross
  • 114-88

4th Qtr

  • No notes for garbage time
  • Alando Tucker is in the game...still the human victory cigar / towel of defeat

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