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Game Thread: Suns vs Trail Blazers

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Portland Trail Blazers
@ Phoenix Suns

Sunday, Mar 21, 2010, 8:30 PM MDT
US Airways Center

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Coaches Notes:

  • Kerr was happy with Clark's time in Iowa. He's a big fan of using the D-league and doesn't understand the "stigma" with sending guys down. He called it "stupid" that a media outlet used the term "demoted" to describe Earl playing with the Energy for a few games
  • Kerr talked about Earl having good touch on his shot but poor technique with his side of the head shot and guys like that are inconsistent. Earl might work to "fine tune" his mechanics in the off season
  • On the white board in the locker room was the standings for the Suns bracket contest. Robin and Thunder Dan are tied for first but Robin has Kansas winning it all while Dan has Kentucky and he picked Ohio State to get to the final four - not Kansas. Dan also picked the Cornell upsets
  • LB and Dragic are 4th and 6th in the standings. Grant and Amare are last
  • Gentry called a tough nosed defensive team that plays like their coach
  • Tuffy from Slam Online (and other places) asked Gentry if the Suns play like him. He said, "I hope not. I sucked as a player."
  • Gentry is happy with the way the Suns are playing over the past three weeks with a lot of focus and intensity
  • Asked about Robin's 17fter in the Utah game, Gentry said he doesn't plan on using Robin in a pick and pop situation but he was happy Robin took the shot in that situation and said Robin has the ability to hit it
  • Asked again about playoff seeding, Gentry said that this year it really doesn't matter. All the teams in the West are tough and even having home court isn't that big of a deal. He said there's no telling how it will end up. The Thunder (who Gentry likes) could end up second and the Blazers could be fourth. Only the Lakers seem to have the top spot locked up but even that could change if they play poorly w/o Bynum
  • Travis Diener during warm ups smiled more than seemed reasonable. Jerryd Bayless never smiled once which apparently is his MO

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